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7 shortcuts that improve your Google search

It’s not that I’m using it wrong. search engine, because it is not. However, you should know that there are some tips that instantly improve your search on Google. By using certain shortcuts, the results you’ll get will be faster and will meet exactly what you’re looking for.

By “shortcut” we mean a faster way to get where you want to go. Imagine, then, the same concept associated with a search on Google, the most used search engine in the world. For this reason, it is known that this has a very extensive database and that it seems to have no end.

Taking into account the amount of resources that Google works with is important to have a better idea of ​​what a simple search can result in. We are therefore talking about a software which, no matter how smart it is, does not always provide the result you are looking for.

These are rare times, but it is exactly for this reason that a Google search can, and should, be improved. The shortcuts shown below enhance the presentation of results, in this case those you are actually looking for. By using them, the answers to your questions will be much more accurate.

Google search: 7 precious shortcuts


Use quotation marks to unite search terms

In the case of a software extremely intelligent, Google is based on billions of possibilities to, after your search, return the most indicated result(s). Now, if you improve the way you search, the better result will be obtained. One such case is the use of quotation marks.

If you want to search for a specific phrase, which contains two or more words, you must enter it within quotation marks. Suppose you want to know who the author of a well-known quotation is, or even better understand its meaning. Write, for example, “I think therefore I am”that Google will only display results that contain that phrase.


Filter the search with the “-“ sign

The “minus” sign is very useful for this type of searches. Typing it in the search bar filters the results you will get. Using the “-” means you want to search for a specific term, minus a related term. This signal reduces and optimizes the returned results.

if write animals -donkeythe search will display all the results related to the word “animals”, removing all the sources that, along with this one, still have the word “donkey” associated with it.


Use the tilde for more comprehensive searches

Punctuation marks are essential for a good Google search and an example of this is the use of the tilde (~). In case you need to do a more comprehensive search, which is not limited only to the terms you type, use the tilde to ensure that all possible results are displayed.

Let’s say you want to research a specific topic that has several associated keywords or even synonyms. if write ~magical unicorn all results related to both terms will appear, which would not happen if you did not use the tilde and the word that follows it. In this way, it ensures that the search is much more comprehensive and is not limited to a single term, also including other related ones.


Search terms on websites through Google

In other words, this means you can search for specific terms within websites. In other words, imagine that you want to search for a recipe for cod with cream on the E-konomista website, without this implying wasting too much time looking for the result on a platform that has so much content.

Then go to Google and write, in the search bar, cod with cream site:e-konomista.pt. You can also reverse the order, putting the term(s) you want to search at the end. Either way, you’ll be surprised how quickly you managed to find what you were looking for.


Have a website? discover the linked pages

For those who have one site (but not only), this is a very useful tip in terms of SEO. have websites linked among themselves increases your popularity on Google and it is advantageous to know who is linked, for example, to your personal website. This is a very quick search, so all you need to do is type link:[o seu site]/url in the search bar.


Search time periods with two endpoints

Imagine that you need to do a search within a certain time period – the same applies to a range of prices or measures, for example. instead of writing artificial intelligence 2020 The 2023, choose to write two periods instead of the “a”.

By entering the terms in the search bar artificial intelligence 2020..2023, the results shown will be much more consistent with your search. Remember that Google, even though it is a software very smart, it works code-based, so this is a much faster language to detect.


Search for similar sites

This is another useful tip for anyone who works with SEO or marketing and wants to better understand the landscape that surrounds them, that is, the similar businesses that exist. By this we mean that you can search for sites similar to yours (or any other) through a single search shortcut.

Write related:e-konomista.pt if you want to know how many sites similar to E-konomista exist in web. Through a quick search, Google will analyze pages similar in content to the searched page, so that you have access to all the information on the Internet through a single command.

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