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7 reasons why we Swedes have such beautiful skin – according to the British

According to the British lifestyle site Byrdie, we Swedes have such beautiful skin that they wonder if there could be something in our water? We thank and accept – and at the same time become curious about what it is they think we do to get such a shine…

Photo: Pexels/REX

Some of the Swedish women (with super skin) mentioned in the article are Elsa Hosk, Elin Klin and Alicia Vikander, but according to Byrdie’s editors, it also applies to the “ordinary” Swede – and we have seven skin care secrets that help us achieve the brilliant result. Which ones suit you?

1. We use turmeric!

You have certainly not avoided that Turmeric is the number one health spice right now – and according to the British, we both like to eat the yellow spice and anoint us with it. Turmeric is said to boost skin cell renewal, stimulate collagen production and reduce inflammation.

2. We take care of our hands and feet (extremely) well

Since autumn and winter are so cold here in the Nordics, we Swedes are extra careful to care for and lubricate mainly our hands but also our feet. Do you also keep a tube of hand cream in your bag wherever you go?

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3. We love Nordic berries

Joe Pastorkovich, who works with the Finnish beauty brand Lumene in North America, believes that the long, bright summer days and nights of the Nordic countries mean that the berries that grow in our forests and fields have an unusually high content of vitamins and antioxidants. The nutrients have anti-inflammatory effects and make the skin plumper. Byrdie suggests supplementing with “Nordic berries,” but we prefer to top our breakfast plate with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries from the summer harvest.

4. We find our skin care products in unexpected places

When our biggest Swedish superstar Alicia Vikander reveals that her best beauty product is Defense skin ointment (for SEK 44!), then it’s no wonder that beauty junkies around the world look to our little country to find out more about this universal product. Alicia has been using the salve for skin and lips since she was little, and surely you’ve had one in your pocket at some point, too?

5. We have sauna parties (?)

We Swedes certainly like to sauna, but when it comes to sauna parties and the like, it’s still our neighbors in the east who hold the flag high. But maybe the Finnish sauna culture is on its way here as well? Swedish models Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta believe, in an interview with Vogue, that their frequent bathing has taken their skin and hair to “level 100”.

6. We use alternative oils

According to Byrdie, we Swedes mainly choose avocado and canola oil to keep both the inside and outside in good shape. Model Kelly Gale, according to the site, lubricates herself with avocado oil after she takes a shower, which is what she thanks her soft skin for. Rapeseed oil (which we like to cook our food in) is loaded with skin-boosting vitamin E.

Photo: Unsplash

7. We eat a diet with lots of vegetables and fish

Last, but not least, we have our fish and vegetable-rich diet to thank for our fantastic glow. It provides a generous dose of healthy fats and vitamins that keep the skin hydrated and plump. A poke bowl with salmon and lots of greens feels like the right choice, check out awesome recipes here.

Source: Byrdie, Vogue

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