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7 nice gifts up to 15 euros

Left the gifts for the last minute and don’t know what to buy? See 7 gifts under 15 euros for those who can’t spend a lot.

The hustle and bustle of Christmas has set in and, if you’re one of those people who leaves to buy gifts at the last minute, or if you’ve discovered that you still need some, calm down. We have the solution. To help her, we went in search of the 7 gifts up to 15 euros that all women would like to receive.

After all, there are several Portuguese with tight budgets and large families, who need cheap and incredible ideas.

And if you think it’s impossible to offer beautiful gifts that don’t cost a fortune, think again. There are several suggestions that promise to bring a smile to those you love the most, without bankrupting them.

Discover them below and have an excellent Christmas season.

Christmas: 7 gifts up to 15 euros for all


golden hoop earrings


There are few people who don’t like earrings, so it’s inevitable to think of them as an excellent suggestion for a Christmas gift. So, if you want to offer a nice gift without breaking the bank, these in gold and enamel finish are a good choice.
In addition to cute, they are fun. Is there anything better there?



Black gloves with embroidery


When the cold sets in, gloves are our hands’ best friends and are one of those good gifts for up to 15 euros. And that’s why having nice gloves is essential to get through the cold season warm and stylish. Consequently, if you have a cold woman in the family and you don’t know what to give her, gloves are a good suggestion.




Sephora stores have incredible promotions and, if you want to offer a gift this Christmas without breaking the bank, this is where you should look. Indeed, this perfume with a scent of vanilla and chocolate has a delicious aroma and is one of the gifts for up to 15 euros that you can easily find.
It has never been so easy to offer good gifts for little money, right?


Christmas gifts for girlfriend

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Are you looking for an elegant gift that works well for a woman of any age? So, you can’t go wrong with a scarf.
Choose one with a classic print, like this one, and get ready to surprise your loved ones. It’s just that, because they are sophisticated and versatile, scarves are really those gifts that we would all like to receive.


The boticario

As with scarves, it is also impossible to go wrong with a lipstick, which is one of the most popular gifts under 15 euros. It’s just that, it doesn’t matter if the woman in question already has 1 or 5, the truth is that lipsticks are never too much. At Boticário you will find several with different tones, creamy and super moisturizing for wonderful lips throughout the day.



To offer your niece, granddaughter, cousin or sister who loves accessories to stay warm in winter, there’s nothing better than a knit hat.
Choose one in a neutral color like beige, so she can wear it with everything, and that’s it. Of those gifts of up to 15 euros that it’s impossible not to love.



volume eyelash mask

eyelash mask

Who Said Berenice

There is no vain woman in the world who does not adore eyelash masks. Therefore, offering one that, in addition to lengthening the lashes, promises to define them and give them volume, is sure to draw a smile on the lips of whoever receives it.
And the best thing is that, in addition to being useful, this is one of those gifts of up to 15 euros that is always a hit.


As you can see, there is no shortage of good gifts of up to 15 euros for a dreamlike Christmas. Get inspired and have a magical Christmas season with your loved ones.

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