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7 models of modern coatings for your home

Have you heard of the 7 models of modern coatings for your homeđŸ‡§đŸ‡· Coatings are products obtained from the burning of clay-minerals, which may or may not be enameled. They can be applied to floors and walls, depending on their specific characteristics. Every year new developments appear in the world of coatings and decoration and each brand launches its innovation with technologies that make all the difference when choosing one for your home.

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7 models of modern coatings for your home – Nothing better than having a modern decoration with technological coatings that value the environment (Photo: Disclosure)

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7 models of modern coatings for your home

The decoration trends of 2015 bring 7 models of modern coatings for your homeđŸ‡§đŸ‡·

  1. Porcelain that imitates wood
  2. Hydrotec technology
  3. self-supporting floors
  4. Wooden floor that fits
  5. Dark laminated wood floors
  6. metal insert
  7. Glass tablet
  • Porcelain that imitates wood

Porcelain tile that imitates wood is a great novelty that arose from the interest of ceramic companies in studying all the characteristics of natural wood, grooves, differences in tone, type of cut, creating pieces identical to wooden floors, but with an advantage, without cutting down a single tree, considering floors that reduce the impact on the environment.

In addition to carrying out a process similar to photosynthesis, taking advantage of the power of light to purify the air, the products are self-cleaning and antibacterial. Thanks to its antimicrobial, anti-mold and anti-odor properties, HYDROTECT Eliane keeps the air and the environment cleaner and healthier.

These floors are vinyl that no longer need to be glued as long as you have a level subfloor. They are sold by brands such as Eucatex, Tarkett and Kapazi.

  • Wooden floor that fits

Eucafloor has developed a system where the floor can be fitted Developed by Eucatex in partnership with the Swedish company VĂ€linge, 5G technology is the most advanced glueless fitting system for laminate flooring in the world. The 5G system (5th Generation), exclusive to Eucafloor in Brazil, guarantees a faster, easier and more precise installation, in addition to ensuring the alignment and distance between the boards.

  • Dark laminated wood floors

Duratex created these floors to recall country house floors, nostalgia and the marks of time.

They are made by a process called sintering where metallic (copper, steel, bronze, etc.) and/or semi-metallic (ceramics, graphite, etc.) powders are used. Among the advantages we have less rain braking, greater durability and withstands higher temperatures.

Glass inserts represent a great finishing option for kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, facades, among other environments. The pieces, which are small and delicate, allow architectural features to be highlighted, guarantee a more resistant surface and ensure durability.

Photos of modern coatings for your home

Check out photos of 7 models of modern coatings for your homeđŸ‡§đŸ‡·

Porcelain that imitates wood

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Porcelain tiles that imitate wood are being used a lot (Photo: Disclosure)

Hydrotec technology

Hydrotec technology is making success in the world of coatings (Photo: Disclosure)

self-supporting floors

Self-supporting floors are also a good flooring option.

Wooden floor that fits

Have you ever thought about fitting your home’s wooden floor yourself? (Photo: Disclosure)

Dark laminated wood floors

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Laminated dark wood flooring is one of the 2015 trends (Photo: Disclosure)

metal insert

The metallic insert is super different and can be mixed with other models (Photo: Disclosure)

Glass tablet

The glass inserts look good in any environment (Photo: Disclosure)

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