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7 Mistakes when dressing that we should avoid so as not to be tacky

Dressing well is much more difficult than you may think. Choosing your clothes just woke up without a coffee in the body It’s a decision you may regret for the rest of the day.

If you don’t want to dress up at work, follow these 7 tips and empty your closet of these clothes to avoid temptations.

7 Tacky Mistakes We Should All Avoid

1- Fake nails

Please, as long as you can perform simple tasks like writing, opening the mail or eating without having to worry about breaking or dirtying them.

2- The color «Nude»

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Do you find it tasteful to wear a color that pretend you’re not wearing anything?

3- Don’t know what your size is?

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The oversize or boyfriend style is one thing and quite another buy a garment on sale two sizes more, or two sizes less, to take advantage of the chollazo. The difference is noticeable.

4- Less is more

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You are not a Christmas tree, you do not need to put on all the bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings that you have at home to go out. As the great Coco Chanel said:»Before you leave your house, take off something«.

5- Are you coming from upholstering a sofa?

If your shirt, pants, t-shirt or bag looks like it’s made of leftover fabric from your sofacurtain or Nordic trousseau, leave it at home.

6- Imitations


Unless it is the best imitation in the world or your environment is unable to differentiate between a Victorio & Lucchino or Antonio & Rufino shirt, avoid counterfeits. There is nothing more embarrassing than someone pointing you out for wearing an imitation. The colors of your cheeks will be difficult to combine.

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7- White with white, black with black, red with red

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Girl have fun You don’t have to be so basic in life. Try one day, just for fun, to combine a red bag with turquoise shoes, or you, boy, try to combine the yellow bomber with other trainers that are not the ones with the yellow laces, which look like you have been thrown a boatload of paint above.

Do you have these clothes in your closet? Are you the tackiest in the office?

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