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7 looks with sneakers to face the winter days!

Do you like to be beautiful, practical and comfortable? We’ve rounded up the best sneaker looks to tackle the winter cold in style.

In an era when fashion surrendered to comfort, and when the dictatorship of high heels gave way to sneakers of all sizes and shapes, it is right to say that it has never been so easy to be stylish. For this reason, and because the new station is synonymous with renewal, we have gathered some looks with sneakers to face the winter in style.

All have in common the fact that they are beautiful and very practical, perfect for women who like to feel wonderful without giving up comfort.

And of course, contrary to what happened in the past, nowadays it is totally acceptable to wear sneakers to work (unless your work environment is, in fact, extremely formal).

Indeed, with the hectic days and the difficult routines that go from dawn to dusk, walking from there to here, betting on practical shoes it is not only a matter of comfort, but also of health.

Consequently, if you have to walk a lot on a daily basis, or spend a lot of time on your feet, it’s worth joining the sneaker trend. Trust me, your feet and spine will thank you.

So, be inspired by our suggestions, recreate them with parts you already have in your closet and the result will be looks full of style, resistant to the cold and difficult days.

Are you a minimalist woman who does not give up comfort under any circumstances? So, nothing better than combining a warm sweater with white pants and, on your feet, sneakers.

All you have to do is combine your favorite sneakers with a pair of trousers. skinny jeans white (or leggings) and a warm pink sweater… And finish off with a wool coat in the same color.

voila?? It will be ready for a day at work or for a family lunch with your special person and the kids.

The most romantic ones hardly fail to use light colors, such as old rose, even when the cold tightens. If that’s your case, you’ll like this inspiration for looks with sneakers.

You know those days when we wake up not knowing what to wear, and the combination of black pants and a sweater in the same color saves us?

That’s the proposal for these looks with sneakers. With a feathered jacket and sneakers on your feet, it’s perfect for those tough days when you have to walk a lot on the street. And of course, if you usually have cold ears, you can even add the hat.

Woman with high-heel shoes as comfortable as sneakers

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The trench coat, or in Portuguese gabardine, is one of the most used coats in the cold seasons, especially on rainy days, since it is waterproof.

Combine it with jeans and a warm sweater, you are sure to have a cozy and classic outfit.

If you want to give your trench coat a more youthful look, how about wearing sneakers? You will feel comfortable and stylish. Give it a try and rock this winter!

If you think you can’t go to work in sneakers, think again. Unless your workplace is extremely formal, it’s possible to get looks with rather sophisticated sneakers.

Try combining a wool sweater, a pencil skirt and a coat with sneakers. The result is modern yet elegant.

For self-assured women who like to feel powerful both at work and in life.

Winter is a good season to bet on comfortable and monochrome coordinates. If this is your style, be inspired by this one and combine a warm camel sweater with trousers in the same color and, on your feet, white sneakers.

One outfit practical but pretty, it’s just as good for having lunch with friends at the weekend as it is for going to the park with the kids.

Although sneakers are synonymous with comfort, that doesn’t necessarily mean that outfits with them can’t be pretty and stylish.

A good example is this outfit which, despite being basic (just pair jeans with a sweater, a biker jacket, a scarf and your favorite sneakers) has a lot of flair. If you like it, get inspired and use it without fear.

For a dash of originality, add a colorful bag or a woolen hat, and you’ll feel wonderful in your own skin. All, of course, without giving up comfort.

As you can see, there looks with sneakers for all tastes, ages and styles.

Take advantage of our suggestions and don’t give up comfort. After all, it’s never been so easy to feel beautiful and practical at the same time.

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