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7 looks with Christmas sweaters to rock

It’s that time of year when you can use and abuse looks with Christmas sweaters. Get inspired and rock the Christmas season.

Christmas is synonymous with love, family together, illuminated cities and, of course, looks with christmas sweaters?? Indeed, if there’s a time when you can (and should) take your Christmas sweaters out of your closet, it’s now.

In recent years, and largely because of the movies and seriesChristmas sweaters started to gain prominence at this time of the year, and can be found in almost all stores.

In that sense, whether to entertain the kids on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, or to have fun with the Christmas spirit yourself, we’ve put together the best looks with Christmas sweaters to inspire you.

Get out there and rock this court.

Are you a fashionista and passionate about the Christmas season, the kind that vibrates even with Christmas? So, nothing better than combining your Christmas sweater with leather leggings and red shoes on your feet, for Christmas Day.
An easy look that will get compliments from kids and adults alike.

If you’re an unapologetically practical woman and don’t know what to wear on Christmas Day, how about a Christmas sweater and baggy pants?
A beautiful, comfortable and casual look that will give you freedom of movement to set the Christmas table and spend time with the family.
And of course, it’s also an easy look to go for a walk with the little ones.


With a miniskirt imitating leather

The younger and more feminine ones will love this inspiration. All you have to do is take the Christmas-themed sweater out of the closet and pair it with a red imitation leather miniskirt.
On your feet, you can either opt for high boots to go out or comfortable slippers to stay with the family at Christmas.

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Are you on vacation and just want to stay home and watch Home Alone movies until the family arrives? You don’t have to be sloppy.
Take your Christmas sweater, combine it with comfortable white pants and Christmas socks. You’ll be ready for the most special night of the year, without having to give up comfort.

For many Christmas, in addition to being the most festive time of the year, is a time of rest. If that’s your case and all you want is comfort, why not bet on the infallible combination of a Christmas sweater and leggings?
A very easy and warm look, to stay at home and enjoy Christmas with the family.

Jeans are, unapologetically, one of the favorite garments of women around the world. So, if you’re one of those who wear jeans almost every day, try combining them with a Christmas sweater and some high boots to celebrate the festive season.
An easy and comfortable look that works just as well for being at home as for going for a walk.

Few things are as reminiscent of Christmas as Christmas sweaters and plaid. So, if you’re a fan of the most festive time of the year, how about mixing the two?
Just take your Christmas sweater, wear it with a plaid skirt in shades of red and that’s it. Ready for the Christmas Eve or family Christmas lunch.

As you can see, inspirations for all ages like Christmas sweaters abound. Choose your favorite and get ready for a festive season in style.

Happy Holidays!

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