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7 looks to wear colorful clothes to work

Want to know how to wear colorful clothes to work? So come on out and get inspired by our very simple and easy-to-implement suggestions. Know more.

He is a cheerful person who loves color in clothes and wants to know how to wear colorful clothes to work?? Then this article is for you.

We know that, in some work environments, it is not always easy to dare and take risks with colorful pieces. Somehow, neutral tones are more classic and, consequently, seen more naturally.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of color to your everyday outfits. Did you know that people who feel comfortable and beautiful in what they’re wearing feel better and more confident? And that it increases self-esteem? There are several studies that point in this direction and, therefore, we must increasingly assume our own style.

Of course, despite this, it should always suit your workplace. For example, if you work in a law firm, appearing dressed in neon colors might not be a very well accepted idea by your colleagues.

But if you like color, you can opt for a red suit or a monochrome outfit with earrings that add a touch of color.

So, see below the suggestions we have gathered and get inspired. It is evident that women who have more informal jobs can be more creative when it comes to color. But there are options for everyone.

Ready to rock?

How to wear colorful clothes to work

The 7 looks you’ll want to recreate right now


Strong color monochrome look

Although, at first glance, a monochromatic orange outfit may seem too eccentric, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way. If you choose a more faded orange tone and combine it with elegant pieces, like a cashmere sweater and a wool skirt, for example, the result is beautiful and sophisticated.

Colorful but very elegant

Just pay attention to the accessories. As the look is already too flashy, you should avoid very large necklaces or earrings.


Blue tunic and beige pants

A good way to add a dash of color to your outfit for going to work is by wearing a sky blue shirt or tunic with beige or white trousers.

Colorful but sober

Although there is a hint of color – given by blue -, the combination is so sober and elegant that it even results in a more formal environment. Once again, it is important to be careful with the accessories and wallet you choose.

If you work in a company linked to fashion, in a communication agency or in a newsroom, for example, where the work environment is more relaxed, you can bet without fear on a pink suit.

Colorful, but like a boss

It’s a feminine and fun outfit that works just as well with sneakers or loafers, like with sandals or ankle boots. And of course, it’s a good choice for the more cheerful ones who can’t resist wearing color.

In more sober and strict environments, you can play with a dash of color, for example, on your shirt. Nothing too strong – a toasted yellow, for example – so that it is not too visually striking.

Colorful (and balanced)

For it to work out perfectly, it is important that you choose an elegant bottom, such as trousers cigarette or a pencil skirt?? and avoid shoes that are too high. Remember that the idea is that, even if you add a dash of color, the outfit remains elegant.

woman with black sweater

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A cheerful outfit that works really well for work consists of combining an elegant skirt in a bright color with a completely neutral top and nice shoes.

It’s one of those looks that even women who work in a bank or an accounting office can wear. That is, one of the easiest ways to wear colorful clothes at work.

Colorful and very simple to recreate

In this case it’s a yellow skirt, but it could be red or purple. The important thing is that the skirt model is more formal and that you avoid accessories that are too big.

if you use a blazer colored in a monochrome look of neutral tones – such as black, white or beige -, it manages to look pretty, cheerful and still look professional.

In this look suggestion, the important thing is that all the pieces have quality and a good cut, in order to get them to match perfectly. The tip of the colored blazer with neutral pieces even works in the most formal work environments.

Colorful but sophisticated

In this case, leather-look pants and a t-shirt give it a relaxed vibe. If you want to be more formal, opt for a shirt with classic trousers.

While not as colorful as some of the brighter shades, pastel colors are best seen, especially in workplaces with a stricter dress code.

So, instead of always opting for a white shirt or gray trousers, opt for a piece in light mint green or pale pink.

If you are a color lover, you will automatically feel prettier and, at the same time, remain classic and sophisticated in the eyes of the employer. That is, one of the easiest ways when the question is how to wear colorful clothes at work.

Colorful but in pastel

If you have a relaxed job, you can bet without fear on integral looks in pastel colors. Feminine and fun, they are also visually very beautiful.

Now that you know how to wear colorful clothes to work, follow our tips and face the mornings with a smile on your lips.

Article originally published in October 2021. Updated in September 2022.

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