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7 Little tricks and changes to quickly lose 5 kilos

When it comes to losing weight, there is no silver bullet. We all know that eating a balanced diet and exercising is essential to lose weight, but sometimes, no matter how much we take care of ourselves, there are always those extra pounds that we are unable to get rid of.

Therefore, in today’s article we are going to reveal 7 tricks that will help you lose 5 kilos in an easy and healthy way.

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These are the 7 tricks that will help you lose 5 kilos in the most effective way

1- Measure the portions by hand

Sometimes we go too far with the amount of ingredients we use when preparing our meals. The best way to measure a serving is with your hands.

A handful of rice is a serving, a handful of lettuce is a serving, and so on. According to dietitian Edwina Clark, this way you will avoid going overboard.

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2- Do not abuse food even if it is healthy

Many times we trust ourselves and think that since we are eating something healthy, it does not matter how much we eat and that is not exactly the case.

For example, we can start our days eating yogurt with granola for breakfast, a very rich and healthy breakfast, but if we overdo it with granola, we will probably eat more than one serving, and that is no longer so recommended.

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3- Write down everything you eat for a week

There are times when we eat a cookie or a piece of chocolate between meals and, since it is not a large quantity, we do not take it into account. In the long run, that “extra” food intake adds up and makes it difficult for us to lose weight.

We suggest you write down for a whole week each and every one of the foods you eat, even if you only took one bite, and the time you ate it.

At the end of the week you will be able to take stock and see what hours you usually have the most appetite. This way, if you usually snack mid-morning, you can take an apple with you and eat an apple instead of a chocolate bar. This will help you better control your diet.

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4- Sleep at least 7 hours

Something as simple as lack of sleep could be the reason you can’t shed those pounds.

When you do not rest well, it is easier for you to fall into temptation the next day and, in addition, you will have less energy to exercise and all your daily activities. Therefore sleep and rest well for at least 7 hours is essential.

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5- Take care of the dressings

No matter how much you eat a salad, if you add half a boat of caesar sauce to it, you will continue to consume too many calories without realizing it.

Control the amount of sauce you add to your dishes and the calories each one contains. Try not to be more than two tablespoons, although the ideal is to dress only with oil and vinegar.

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6- Keep the fruit in sight

A study by the Food and Brand Lab showed that people who kept their fruit in plain sight weighed 10 to 12 kilos less than people who kept it in the pantry. It is probably due to the fact that, by having them in sight, you remember to eat fruit more easily and thus avoid satisfying your hunger with less healthy foods.

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7- Try to make at least half of your plate vegetables

Vegetables should occupy at least 50% of the plate, in this way you will be consuming all the necessary nutrients and very few calories.

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Will you put any of these tricks into practice? Tell us in the comments!

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