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7 jobs that pay during the education

Time to change lanes? Here are the jobs where you can get paid while you train.

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Don’t let student loans deter you from changing careers – there are jobs you can train for without paying a penny. Below you will find eight jobs where you can get paid during the training itself.

1. Police

The police has paid training for civilian employees who want to become police officers. You can then continue to work part-time in your regular employment while studying part-time and keeping your regular salary.

For those who are graduates, there is also the opportunity to become an investigator, forensics officer or analyst with the police – but then 120 university credits are required in a relevant field.

2. Chef and nutritionist

Is cooking your passion? At the Hotel and Restaurant School in Copenhagen, you as a Swede can train as a chef or nutritionist, while receiving a salary of up to SEK 24,000. You will find more information here.

3. Specialist nurse

For those of you who are nurses, there is the opportunity to train as a specialist nurse, an academic training position where you receive full salary during the time you are training. Read more at Vårdförbundet’s website.

4. Customs officer

If you train to become a customs officer in the control department, you can look forward to 1.5 years of training including internship – while collecting a salary of SEK 24,000. One year after the training, the salary rises to at least SEK 31,000. Read more at Customs website.

5. Coast Guard

In order to attend the Coast Guard’s basic training, you need, among other things, basic eligibility for university studies, Ship’s Commander’s Course Class VII and/or Machine Operator’s Course Class VII (or higher nautical or machine operator’s training) as well as B driver’s license without traffic conditions automatic transmission and Swedish citizenship.

If you meet these requirements, you’re good to go Coast Guard’s undergraduate education spanning two semesters. During the training you will receive SEK 22,855 per month and after one year the salary will be increased to close to SEK 27,000 per month.

6. Part-time firefighter

For you who are over 18 years old, in good shape, can swim, have a driving license and the ability to get to the nearest fire station in a short time is part-time firefighter another profession for which you can train for free. The rescue service is responsible for both the training costs and compensation for lost income during the training.

The training at MSB – the Norwegian Agency for Community Protection and Preparedness – is six weeks long.

7. Locomotive driver

If you are 20 years old, have completed high school and have perfect eyesight and hearing, you can undergo paid train driver training with, for example, Arriva in Skåne, Östgötapendeln and Saltsjöbanan in Stockholm. As a woman, you also have a greater chance of being accepted because there is a demand for more women in this industry!

Source: The Express

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