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7 ideas to decorate and renovate your home 2017

check out ideas to decorate and renovate your home 2017🇧🇷 Are you looking to change the look of your home? So invest in some changes in the decoration of the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or any other residential environment.

7 ideas to decorate and renovate your home 2017 (Illustrative Photo)

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Ideas to decorate and renovate your home 2017

Every year, new decoration trends emerge. Residents are faced with new options for colors, materials, textures and shapes. It is necessary to keep an eye on these new features to be able to make the house much more beautiful and comfortable. Below are some tips for decorate the house in 2017 and renew the aesthetics of each environment:

1 – Colored walls

This history of betting only on white walls is in the past. Now, the trend is to transform the vertical space of the house into real panels, with contrasting colors and even modern prints. In addition to opting for a more striking color, it is also worth decorating the walls with photos, paintings and mirrors.

2 – Scandinavian design

If you really want to invest in a decoration with a lot of white, then look for inspiration in scandinavian design🇧🇷 This style is characterized by simplicity, comfort, and minimal ornamentation. Bet on neutral and natural elements, in addition to keeping spaces free of any kind of excess. This is undoubtedly one of the best ideas to renovate your home.

Scandinavian design.  (Photo: Reproduction/Decorilla)

Scandinavian design. (Photo: Reproduction/Decorilla)

3 – Customize through the details

The new hit of the moment is to look for ways to personalize the house. When renovating the decor, you don’t necessarily need to change the furniture. The ideal is to invest in charming and personalized details, such as a different lamp, a wall sticker or a chair with a cheerful color. Ideas for decorating your home may vary, as we always have ideas that improve what we already like.

4 – Shades of gray are on the rise

If you are wanting to change the look of the house following the decoration trends, then bet on the gray tones. This color, neutral and dark, leaves the environments with an urban and at the same time modern air. The aesthetic is even more incredible with a combination of white and yellow. To enhance the gray in a given space, invest in a burnt cement finish.

Burnt cement in the decoration.  (Photo: Reproduction/lcpereira1975)

Burnt cement in the decoration. (Photo: Reproduction/lcpereira1975)

5 – Refurbish the furniture

For renovate home decor in 2016, try to renovate the furniture you already have. Invest in new paint or wallpapering old furniture. Furniture with striking colors becomes true protagonists in the decoration. Do not forget that! When decorating your home, the right way is always to innovate.

6 – Renovated headboard

Bedroom decor can be prettier with a revamped headboard. And how to do it? Well, just demarcate the headboard on the wall behind the bed with paint, adhesive or even pallets. There are people, including, who use blinkers to make this personalization.

7 – Fun pillows

Fun pillows.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Housetohome)

Fun pillows. (Photo: Reproduction/ Housetohome)

When decorating the living room, use fun pillows. These pieces are colorful, modern and can be found for sale with different prints. See below some Ideas to decorate and renovate your home 2017 with beautiful pictures of decorated houses.

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