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7 games for adults to get the New Year party going

Looking for some activities to do with your friends on New Year’s Eve? We have collected the best New Year’s games for adults that will make the party extra fun.

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Whether your group of friends loves quizzes or more physical games, our list of New Year’s games for adults has something for you. Here are seven games that are guaranteed to make the New Year’s party the best party of the year.

1. New Year’s quiz

An activity that everyone can participate in is a quiz! If you want, you can invent your own, otherwise have Quiz one that is perfect for the festivities.

2. Two New Year’s resolutions and a lie

This game has a simple structure: all participants have to come up with three New Year’s resolutions, one of which is a lie. They take turns reading out their promises and then the rest of the group has to guess which of these is a lie.

3. Mafia

Mafia is a game that takes a little longer but can be really fun. This role-playing game requires at least six participants, preferably in their teens or older. Otherwise, only one deck is required. You will find the game rules for Mafia here.

4. Never have I posted

This is a so-called drinking game, which only requires that everyone has something (alcoholic) to drink. One participant starts by saying, “I’ve never posted…” and then ends the sentence with something clichéd to post on Instagram, such as a sunset. Those who have posted just this can then take a sip from their glasses.

5. New Year’s charades

New Year’s charades work as charades otherwise, but whoever prepares the game writes down events from the past year which you then have to act out.

6. Fill the champagne flute

This is a game for those of you who don’t mind a little spillage! Each participant receives a champagne flute, a plastic spoon and a glass of champagne. The goal is to fill your glass with champagne as quickly as possible using the plastic spoon. The winner stands up and gives a New Year’s speech to the group.

7. Music quiz

Prepare a playlist of songs released during the year and play a bit of each. The participants then have to guess both the artist and the song title.

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