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7 Foods you should take to deflate your belly and mark abs

Who has not ever felt their swollen belly? After certain meals it seems that our clothes are tighter than before we put them on, that we need to unbutton our trousers and we are even more irritable, our intestinal rhythm is altered and all this makes us feel uncomfortable.

Many women feel bloated due to Water retention before and during your menstrual cycle due to hormonal fluctuations.

Other causes may be related to food allergiesa bad digestion, digestive disorders either constipation. In rare cases, it can be a symptom of a more serious problem such as uterine or colon cancer.

Luckily, we have within our reach certain foods that can help us combat this unpleasant situation in a totally natural way.

Here we show you 7 foods to treat a swollen belly:

1- Asparagus

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This delicious vegetable contains an amino acid known as asparaginewhich acts as a natural diuretic. In this way, eating asparagus favors the release of excess water in the body and also helps to eliminate excess salts.

2- Green leafy vegetables

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Spinach, kale, and other leafy greens help reduce bloating due to their high water content. In addition to being natural diuretics, they are also very beneficial for intestinal health since they provide numerous minerals and vitamins.

3- Seaweed

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According to traditional Chinese medicine: “There’s no swelling that seaweed won’t soothe«. The truth is that seaweed has been used for thousands of years to reduce swelling due to its diuretic properties.

4- Cucumber juice

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Cucumber juice is another great natural diuretic that helps us to get rid of toxins through urine, leaving us less bloated and lighter. Try substituting some cucumber slices for the nachos the next time you want to enjoy some hummus for your snack.

5- Fennel

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As for vegetables that promote digestion, we could safely say that fresh fennel is the undisputed winner. Fennel helps calm the gasesthe intestinal crampsthe irritable bowels and the swelling.

You can also use the seeds to make a tea or chew them after meals.

6- Ginger

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Ginger has long been a go-to ingredient in detox regimens because it stimulates digestion and helps transform and transport fluids in the body.

The phenolic compoundsAs the gingerol, are primarily responsible for the positive effect of ginger tea on the digestive system. Try drinking a hot ginger tea just before a big meal or having a small cup while you eat to reduce bloating and aid digestion.

7- Turmeric

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Turmeric root has been used in the indian traditional medicine for thousands of years as a sattvic herbwhich means it has purifying and balancing properties.

Turmeric helps brighten skin, reduces inflammation, and even fights fatigue. As if that wasn’t enough, also facilitates digestionsupports the liver detox and reduces inflammation.

Add a little turmeric to a tea or a cup of hot water with lemon juice and cayenne pepper every morning, and you will forget about the feeling of swelling during the day.

Try these natural remedies so that belly bloating stops being a problem for you!

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