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7 essential steps to lower cholesterol naturally

Did you know that it can reduce bad cholesterol levels? Discover the seven steps to lower cholesterol naturally.

LDL. Does the acronym mean anything to you? We are talking about the tiny, spherical particles that carry cholesterol directly to the cells, increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke it’s the heart attack. To avoid the dreaded blood clots, it is necessary to control LDL levels and, fortunately, there is a solution for that. Follow our selection of 7 steps to lower cholesterol in a natural way.

Cholesterol is nothing more than a whitish, odorless substance that you cannot see or taste in food. Harmless? Not at all. If it weren’t for these small fatty particles that are largely responsible for heart disease, the associated deaths and the consequences they can have on the lives of those who suffer from the effects of a blood clot.

Numbers that can save

Maintaining balance and lowering blood cholesterol is essential to ensure not only heart health, but also the correct functioning of the hormonal system. Stay tuned for numbers that can save your life.

The main types of cholesterol, and those to which you should pay special attention, are HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol), which must be within the following values:

  • HDL – Good cholesterol should be above 60mg/dL
  • LDL – To be healthy, bad cholesterol must be below 130mg/dL

Lowering bad cholesterol doesn’t necessarily have to mean taking doses and doses of pills. There are simple measures you can take at home and improve the health of the whole family. Take note of the 7 steps to lower cholesterol naturally.

7 steps to lower cholesterol naturally


Cut trans fats from the diet

Putting it into practice may seem more complicated than it actually is. A good suggestion is to get into the habit of swapping crackers at lunch for more nutritious and natural foods, such as carrot or cucumber sticks, or cuts of your favorite vegetable.

Replace cakes and sweets with fruit and remember to be aware of the margarine you choose to consume: only buy those that claim to have no trans fats in their composition. Eliminate these processed foods of your diet could mean a 55% lower risk of heart attacks.

Why cut trans fats? The answer is simple and should be seen as a wake-up call: trans fats are worse for your heart than saturated fats, as they raise LDL cholesterol levels in your blood and lower HDL levels.

An excellent way to lower the bad cholesterol in your diet is to consume lean meats. To make preparation easier and to ensure that the recipe is healthy, cook in a slow cooker to tenderize the meat and not add too much fat.


Make your own salad dressing

Forget industrialized sauces, stay away from creamy sauces and try homemade recipes to add an extra dose of flavor to your salad, without forgetting to be healthy. Use olive oil and vinegar, lemon juice, garlic and spices, for example. Thus, the meal will have more unsaturated fat, which reduces bad cholesterol, and less saturated and trans fats.


Eat oatmeal every morning

THE oat is a super food rich in a soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which transports excess bad cholesterol out of your body. A little more than a cup of oatmeal in the morning can lower LDL by up to 24%. In addition to everything else, oatmeal is tasty and leaves nothing to be desired, clearly helping to lower cholesterol.


10 minutes of resistance training

Just 10 minutes a day. Yes that’s right. It is possible to boost your health by performing simple exercises such as climbing stairs, forgetting about the elevator, or sitting and getting up from a chair. Pay attention to what your body says and at the slightest sign that you are not moving much, move more.


Eat a pear every morning

If you don’t have pears, have a grapefruit. Both are rich in pectin, another soluble fiber that helps lower bad blood cholesterol. Pectin-rich fruits are the healthiest you can eat, so invest in berries and some types of apples as well.


Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon to your coffee

Recent research, carried out with people with type 2 diabetes, has shown that this small measure is capable of reducing LDL levels by up to 30%.

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