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7 easy and fun carnival makeup

The revelry season has arrived and, because we want you to have as much fun as possible, we’ve put together 7 very easy Carnival makeup. Get inspired and rock.

O Carnival it’s synonymous with revelry and fun and, for that very reason, it’s a good time to get your friends together and have a party. But if at this point you’re thinking you don’t know what to mask up with, don’t worry. We gathered several carnival makeup that will make you beautiful. And, the best: with step by step.

Yes, even if you don’t buy a suit or dress up, in the truest sense of the word, this is a time when you’re allowed to play with makeup. And, consequently, abusing strong colors and glitter, which at other times of the year should be avoided.

So, there’s nothing better than getting your friends together at home and getting ready all together.

Below, we’ve rounded up 7 inspirations so everyone can shine, this one Carnival.

Carnival makeup: the 7 you’ll want to recreate

Are you one of those women who loves make-up but isn’t very comfortable with eyeshadows, brushes or foundations? So, nothing better than opting for a colorful and easy make-up.

In this step-by-step, Brazilian youtuber Fernanda Petrizi shows how to make an eye with pink and green, and rock it. Even if you are wearing practical clothes, no one will remain indifferent to these Carnival makeups. So get ready to be praised.

If you think you’re an angel of a person, how about embodying the character this Carnival? With a little white eyeshadow and lots of glitter, it’s easy to achieve an amazing Mardi Gras look. Do not believe? See the tutorial.

Of course, to make the fantasy even more real, you can even wear an angel costume. But, if you don’t want to spend money, do these carnival makeups and rock.

Want to dress up as a mermaid? So we have a good suggestion. With this tutorial by Portuguese youtuber Helena Coelho, it is within her reach to become the queen of the seas. Even if for a day.

Just keep in mind that this makeup is a little more difficult to do, since it implies that you already have some basic knowledge. And a lot of expertise.

If you like it, recreate it and get ready to get compliments wherever you go.

If you’ve always wanted to dress up as Cleopatra, but never got the make-up right, we have the solution.

With this step-by-step guide, prepared by youtuber Inês Mocho, it’s really easy to transform yourself into Cleopatra. You will only need blue eyeshadow, gold glitter and eyeliner.

Watch the tutorial and get inspired.

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Are you going to spend Carnival with your friends and want to look pretty but practical? So, nothing better than betting on this make-up in shades of pink. Super easy to do, it’s within reach of any woman (even the most inexperienced ones).

Follow the step by step, have fun with this carnival makeup and top it off with a wreath of flowers. Believe me, it will look amazing.

For all those who love unicorns and enchanted worlds, Carnival makeup is a strong ally.

So, if you still don’t know what to mask, take advantage of this tutorial to get unicorn makeup. Yes, you read that right, you really can be a unicorn for a day.

Irreverent and beautiful, this is a make-up that, despite taking some time to do, looks beautiful on the face. And, super feminine.

Do you want to experience Carnival in style, but can’t spend money on costumes? Know that you don’t have to.

If none of the make-up above “fills your measurements”, how about this one with a sexy kitten? Very easy to do with the eyeliner you have at home, it works beautifully to spend the day with friends, having fun.

Try to recreate it following the step by step, and you’ll see that it’s even easier than it looks.

Good ideas abound for this Carnival. Choose your favorite carnival makeup and start training to recreate it now. Ready to rock?

Good Carnival!

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