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6th installment of emergency aid can now be consulted

Information on the 6th installment is available on the DataPrev website so that it can be consulted by workers receiving Emergency Aid. There, they will be aware if they will continue in the program or not, since it depends on certain criteria.

It will be possible to verify the dates that requests were made, analyses, including the reason why the worker had the request denied to receive Emergency Aid and other requests. Another way to consult the program is by calling Caixa Econômica, 111 or on the website of the financial institution.

What this article covers:

Reasons why Emergency Aid may have been denied or suspended

The main reason why Emergency Aid can be denied is due to monthly income, that is, up to one person, the amount must only be half a minimum wage, which corresponds to R$ 550.00. Other values ​​will not be accepted by DatePrevif you live with other people with higher income.

Source/Reproduction: consultaauxilio.cidadania.gov.br

The suspension of Emergency Aid can simply occur when the applicant gets a job with a formal contract, even if approved, the program will be suspended because he will have his own income, able to support himself.

People who receive unemployment insurance and other government benefits, if the beneficiary dies, in addition to receiving a pension or imprisonment from the beneficiary, will be good reasons for the Emergency Aid to be suspended.

Will Emergency Aid continue?

The answer is no. The Emergency Aid will come to an end in October 2021, according to the federal government and in November a new program will be instituted in the country, it will be called Auxílio Brasil.

Aid cannot continue because, according to the president of the republic, it has already given what it had to give and it should not even be an obligation of the government to be giving this type of aid to people, since governments did not know how to deal with the corona virus pandemic and several MEI workers lost their main source of income.

However, with the arrival of Auxílio Brasil, Bolsa Família is out of the picture, as the new program will take its place. The government guarantees that the values ​​will be higher and more people will be entitled to receive it, but it is necessary to go to the CadÚnico or CRAS of the city to carry out the cadastral update.

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