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627,000 Brazilians are notified by message to return emergency aid

At first glance, the Ministry of Citizenship began sending text messages to the cell phones of more or less 627 thousand people, to make the worker return the emergency aid unduly paid.

What this article covers:

Who gets the message about returning emergency aid?

Beneficiaries who received undue amounts from the Emergency Aid, which in this case would be retirees, pensioners, and workers who declared the 2020 Individual Income Tax, that is, the DARF was generated and must return the Emergency Aid amounts.

How to recognize government messages about devolution?

For the group that received Emergency Aid without complying with the rules, be aware that an SMS will arrive with the following message: “The CPF ***.854.324-** has pending issues and must return Emergency Aid installments. Return the installments on the website gov.br/devolucaoae. Any indication of fraud, report it at gov.br/falabrae.

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Bolsa Família beneficiaries who received Emergency Aid without complying with the rules will receive the following message: “The NIS ***74598*** has installments that need to be returned from the Emergency Aid. Return the installments at gov.br/devolucaoae. For fraud, report it through gov.br/falabrae.

Groups that declared IRPF and DARF issued, and who requested Emergency Aid through the Caixa application, will receive a message that will follow this model: “The CPF ***.645.243-** that has an open Income Tax DARF in relation to Emergency Aid. Pay the related amounts or report for fraud. Go to gov.br/dirpf21ae”.

For the other beneficiaries included in the CadÚnico and participating in the Bolsa Família, and who were verified with the IRPF declaration in 2021 with the DARFs already issued and did not pay, the following message will be sent: “There is DARF of Emergency Aid in your Income Tax to the CPF ***.756.135-**. Pay the requested amount or report it for fraud. Go to gov.br/dirpf21ae”.

How to return emergency aid?

In general, those who have pending issues regarding Emergency Aid, should directly access the gov.br/devolucaoae website and enter the CPF. As soon as all the information is filled in, the GRU will be issued, so that finally the citizen can make the payment through Banco do Brasil or other self-service points, in addition to cashiers in branches or any bank.

How to report emergency aid fraud?

To report fraud, the website is fala.br. The citizen must notify the Ombudsman, so that he talks about illegal acts and the misuse of data by third parties. This type of communication will be important.

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