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6 ways to identify phone numbers

It is normal for us to receive calls from numbers that we do not know who they belong to. Before calling back, learn how to identify phone numbers.

we have all received calls from numbers we don’t know and that we suspect it is advertising and, therefore, we avoid answering. There are some platforms that can help with this process. Discover some ways to identify phone numbers??

Wondering if the information line still exists? It exists, but it is no longer the only choice and it is a little limited, now that there are more operators and ways to get in touch. Some of the platforms listed here are more official, others subsist from data provided by users.

How to identify phone numbers: 6 options

1. They called me

O called me it is a directory fed by users who register the number that called them, who it belongs to and what was the reason. Just type the number in the search bar and check who the call you received was from. Especially useful for calls with an advertising or telemarketing nature. The platform has more than 5 million contacts.

2. Who Calls Me?

O who calls me works similarly. Assuming that you can receive a call that can be a job interview or a credit card, this platform also allows you to add a comment about this number to warn other users. It also has a privacy notice that guarantees you to look up numbers in complete privacy.

3. Tellows

O Tallows it also allows searching, identifying and adding information about the numbers. You can see that there is a section dedicated to the most wanted numbers, which actually belong to telemarketing companies.

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4. Google

The “come friend” Google is also a way to identify phone numbers. We are faced with situations where the contacts belong, for example, to companies and services that have the contacts made available on their pages. This should perhaps be the first step in the research.

5. Line 118

The information line still exists and, despite being owned by only one operator, any customer of any telephone service operator can call to ask for information (may mean some call cost). The service is available 24 hours a day. This line gathers information from users who have authorized their data to be part of the telephone directories database.

6. Information-Number

The website Information-Number It is especially useful for looking up landline numbers. You can search by callsign or directly by number. This platform also allows you to leave comments on the numbers surveyed. They even add a graph of user opinions, which allows you to immediately understand what type of contact it is. There is also a tab that allows you to search for numbers with international codes.

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