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6 Tricks you can try to increase testosterone

In addition to tons of willpower, thousands of hours in the gym, and proper nutrition, hormones play a fundamental role in the difficult process of gaining muscle mass, as well as in the performance of other functions in our body.

In the case of men, one of the most important hormones when it comes to gaining muscle is testosteronethe male sex hormone par excellence.

Here we show you how to increase testosterone to gain muscle mass in a completely natural way:

Why is this hormone so important?

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Let’s see, let’s go by parts. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is secreted for the most part in the testiclesalthough so do the Kidney glands and the ovaries in the case of women.

It is a steroid hormonethat is, it helps control metabolism, the immune system, balances salt and water in our body and takes care of the correct development of sexual characteristics.

In addition to all that, among the main functions of testosterone is to increase muscle mass. But how does he do it?

The secret of testosterone

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Testosterone owes its ability to build muscle to its natural anabolic effectthat is to say, increases protein formation in bones and muscles. In this way, the more testosterone your body secretes and the more physical exercise you do, the more your muscle mass and strength will increase.

If we want to increase the production of testosterone in our body, we must practice a correct exercise routine, maintain a good diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Habits that increase testosterone naturally

As we just mentioned, leading a healthy life is one of the main keys to producing more testosterone. Therefore, it is important that you keep these tips in mind:

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  • Limit sugar intake: sugar causes an increase in our insulin level, which leads to a direct decrease in testosterone.
  • Avoid stress: Stress produces estrogen, the female sex hormone that helps us fight cortisol, the stress hormone. Likewise, the more estrogen you have, the less effective your testosterone will be.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol: both habits eliminate testosterone.
  • Sleep about 7 or 8 hours: Various studies have shown that sleeping less than 7 hours slows down the body, and consequently, the production of testosterone.
  • Do daily exercise: not only to keep you healthy, but to speed up your metabolism and therefore help to generate the male sex hormone in your body.
  • Wear loose underwear: the testicles need to be at a temperature of approximately 36ºC to produce testosterone. Wearing loose underwear helps the testicles reach their ideal temperature.

Increase your testosterone with diet

In addition to exercising, it is essential that we eat a healthy diet loaded with foods that help us increase the levels of this hormone naturally. Foods that stimulate testosterone production include:

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  • Foods rich in zinc: This is a mineral that helps the proper functioning of the immune system and the production of testosterone. Top zinc-containing foods include raw milk dairy products and protein-rich fish and meats (such as liver, poultry, and shellfish).
  • Natural aphrodisiacs: These foods help to generate a greater number of sex hormones, so they are perfect for producing more testosterone. Among the most popular aphrodisiac foods are oyster, chocolate, avocado, coffee, cinnamon, ginseng or ginger.
  • Foods with healthy fats: the intake of healthy fats also stimulates the production of testosterone. The main foods with healthy fats are nuts, mainly walnuts; vegetable oils, such as olive and sunflower oil; oily fish (rich in omega 3), such as salmon and tuna.

In addition to the foods mentioned, it is important that you frequently consume vitamins A, B and E, which help in the production of this hormone.

Now that you know how to increase testosterone to gain muscle mass naturally, there will be no limit that will resist you.

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