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6 tips to really save with Black Friday 2022

With the right planning and some discipline, Black Friday can be an opportunity to save on those items you have your eye on. Know how.

Save on Black Friday It is possible, just think in advance about the purchases you will want to make and draw up an action plan.

We all know that advertised discounts, whether they are really advantageous or not, are always seductive. And the mere possibility that we are getting a good deal is often enough appeal to make us spend more than we wanted to.

So, in order for Black Friday to really be a savings opportunity, there are some strategies you can put into practice before and during the big day. And the sooner you get organized, the more you can save!

How to save on Black Friday 2022 in 6 steps


Make a list of the products you want to purchase

You know that tech item you’ve been dating for a few months or that bag that you can’t get out of your head? Well then, if you’ve been putting off this or that purchase in anticipation of the price going down, Black Friday may be the ideal opportunity.

But it’s not enough to wait for the day and then see you soon. Think carefully and in advance what you need to buy. Make a list, set priorities and budget accordingly.

So, as good as the promotions seem to you at the time, it will be easier to resist temptation and stick to the plan you have set.


Look up prices in advance

Research in advance, and on different websites and stores, the prices of the products that you have included in your list. Keep recording the values. In this way, you not only get an idea of ​​where it might be more advantageous to buy, but when the moment of truth comes, you will be able to get the hang of it. Is the product in question, in fact, in downgrade? And the discount advertised, is it really 50%?

In addition, on the same day, you can use a price comparator, to make sure you take advantage of the best promotions available.


Start your shopping early in the day

In fact, the best discounts tend to come early in the day. So don’t leave for later what you can do very early. Even if that means staying up until midnight, especially if you shop online.

It’s just that depending on demand, the article you have your eye on can sell out within minutes. But if you’re ready as soon as the promotion starts, you’re less likely to run the risk of running out of what you wanted.

Although new price drops may appear during the rest of the day, it is usual for the most desirable prices to appear in the early hours.


Before paying, register the price of the product you want to purchase

Unfortunately, when it comes to selling a certain product, there are stores that try to deny the discount they have advertised. In online commerce, it happens, for example, when when adding the product to the shopping cart, the price changes to a higher value.

Take a photo or do printscreen to price and product, is a way to protect yourself. In this way, you will be able to prove the previous discount information and you can even require the store to comply with the advertised offer.


Anticipate your Christmas shopping

Black Friday can also be the right time to buy your Christmas gifts in advance and at a much lower price.

If, as you did for your purchases, you make a list in advance of what you want to offer for the Christmas season, then you will be in a position to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise.

Remember that haste is the enemy of perfection and by leaving everything until the last one, you are increasing the chances of spending more than you had planned. And to make matters worse, you still run the risk of forgetting someone’s gift.


Buy only from reputable sites

Always doubt prices that are too good to be true. Price is one of the best indicators for websites whose purpose is to extort money from consumers.

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, before buying anything, make sure that the store exists and that it provides a credible service.

The simplest way to ensure this is look for the identification of the company or seller. All online stores are required to display this information on their website, as well as the terms and conditions of sale and privacy policies.

Also, to make sure the connection is secure, check that the address bar shows https://. If the site is really secure, it will be accompanied by a padlock symbol.

If you don’t know the store, do a search by name. If other people had bad experiences with this store, there are more likely to be reports of this somewhere online.

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