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6 tips to clear your name

Clearing the name is not only a matter of honor, but also a way to facilitate your purchases and the chance to change your life. But it’s not always so simple for many people.

There are tips that can help pay off your debts and clear your name. And to help you, we have prepared a guide that will help you negotiate your debts and leave your name clean.

What this article covers:

What does clear name mean?

When we are in debt, it is common to say that we have a bad name in the market. This means that the debtor’s name will end up on a register, making it difficult for some types of installment purchases and even applying for credit cards.

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Clearing the name is when we negotiate the debt with the company we owe and at the end of that payment, we have the name cleared again and we can start to increase the score.

6 tips to clear your name

To negotiate your debts and be able to clear your name, some tips can help you, check out some of them:

Know your debt

To clear your name, you first need to find out where that debt is from. It is common to forget to pay something, change address without closing the account and many other things can happen. Therefore, you should consult your CPF status to see which company you owe and the amount of the debt.

Set a budget to pay off debt

When negotiating with the company, you need to know how much you can pay per month during the debt installment. Therefore, before starting the negotiation, it is important to set a budget for it and it cannot compromise the other bills in your home.

Cut unnecessary expenses

In order not to get involved, avoid unnecessary expenses, especially if these purchases are made in installments. Give preference to pay everything in cash and buy only what is extremely necessary.

Get in touch with creditors

Afterwards, it will be necessary to make contact with the creditor, to negotiate the payment of the installments. That’s why it’s important to know how much you can pay per month and already have a proposal in mind to present to the creditor.

seek free help

If you need help renegotiating your debts and carrying out financial planning, there are many ways to seek this help for free. Serasa fairs and even some finance colleges help people in this mission.

Compare the proposals

Financial institutions have similar rates, but it is important to compare the proposals of several of them before closing. Start by searching for the bank where you receive your salary, for example, this is usually a way to get some advantages.

Where can I clear my name?

There are several channels where you can get in touch to make this negotiation and clear your name. Check out some ways to do this:


One of the ways to negotiate your debts is through Serasa’s telephone. They offer a 0800 number where you can negotiate debts and overdue bills.


One of the simplest and most practical ways to do this is through the Serasa Limpa Nome website.


With the Serasa application, you can check your score, consult your CPF and also pay your debts.

Serasa establishment

You can also go directly to Serasa to carry out this negotiation and pay your debts.

What happens when I clear my name?

After carrying out all negotiations and finalizing the discharge of debts, your name will be clean again on average 5 days later. That way, you can apply for credit cards, apply for loans, get financing and everything else without any difficulties.

What to do when the debt is not mine?

It is common for us to lend credit cards to third parties, who will not always be as careful as we are with our name. If the debt is not yours, you can try to contact the person who made the purchase and negotiate for them to pay. And if that doesn’t happen, unfortunately you will have to shoulder the debts in order to clear the name.

What to do when the debt is not mine

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Having a clean name is essential for several things and it is easy to rent a house, for example. Therefore, the important thing is to always prevent the name from getting dirty, but if it happened, now is the time to run and make that negotiation.

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