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6 tips to be flawless

Makeup for work doesn’t have to be a seven-headed beast. We’ve put together the best tips and tricks to get it right.

It’s not always easy to reconcile the day-to-day rush with taking care of ourselves. However, having a careful image is essential not only for a good self-esteem, but also for, many times, to “take us seriously”. Especially in professional contexts. That’s why we’ve gathered the best hacks for makeup for work.

Makeup plays an important role, either to enhance our best features or to hide those imperfections that make us feel insecure.

But if you think it’s going to take an hour to get ready every morning, don’t be fooled. With our tips it will be really easy to feel your best, effortlessly. Discover them and nurture your self-esteem.

Makeup for work: 6 easy and foolproof tips

Businesswoman with makeup

In order for the skin to be enhanced with make-up, it must be well cared for and, therefore, the first step towards effective make-up is to take good care of the skin.

In this sense, one of the great secrets for a complexion to envy is a good cleaning. Consequently, clean it in the morning and before going to sleep, so that sleep can regenerate the complexion in depth, returning it to its freshness. That’s what Japanese women do and, as you know, their skin is fantastic.


Always use moisturizing cream

Moisturizing the skin is also essential for a dreamy complexion. And the truth is that the more hydrated and nourished the skin is, the easier it is to apply makeup.

So don’t forget to use a moisturizing cream suitable for your skin type, daily.


Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone

Did you know that one of the most important factors of a perfect work makeup is the foundation? So whether you prefer a liquid foundation or are more of a fan of compact foundations, it’s crucial that you choose one that matches your exact skin tone.

Therefore, before buying, you should always try the foundation in the area between the jaw and the neck, and see the result in natural light, in order to see if it is the right shade.

Once you have your foundation of choice, you can apply it with your fingers, or use a damp sponge to make it easier to spread it evenly across your face.

Face powder foundations

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Don’t forget to apply the foundation to the neck, and also lightly to the ears so that there are no abrupt breaks in the tone and texture of your skin. And, of course, remember not to put too much product on your face. The idea is to achieve a uniform and luminous, but natural skin.


4. Don’t forget the tanning powder

To give life to your face and get rid of the pale look, it is important that you apply a beautifying powder on your cheeks, forehead and chin. But, do it gently, since the intention is to highlight these points of the face, avoiding an overly homogeneous face.


Always use mascara

We all know that eyelash mascara enhances the look. For that reason, she assumes herself as one of our best friends, when we think about make-up for work.

Even if you don’t apply any eyeshadow daily, mascara is absolutely necessary to look more feminine and well taken care of.

If you want to open up your eyes even more, add a beige pencil to the waterline.


Finish off with a nude, hydrating lipstick.

Nude lipsticks are always a good choice for work make-up, as they are soft but highlight the lips.

So, if you still don’t have much confidence doing your make-up for work, or if you’re simply a more discreet woman, choose your favorite nude and don’t let go of it, on a daily basis.

Some mistakes to avoid in work makeup

  • When you do make-up for work, ideally it should be a natural look and therefore all exaggerations are expendable. One of the most common mistakes is using a foundation that is too dark, which will give it an unnatural and unfashionable look.
  • On the other hand, you should avoid using blush in an exaggerated way, as this is reserved for festive looks, especially for evening events.
  • Vibrant colors in both eyeshadows and lips should also be avoided, since in a work context these exaggerations can become distractions for those who are talking to you.

Step-by-step makeup tutorial for work

If you still have some doubts about how to make a proper make-up for work, below we leave you a step-by-step tutorial.

It’s never been so easy to get ready in the morning and feel even prettier, right?

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