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6 tips to avoid the problem

There is no method that completely cuts off the input of spam at the emailbut there are a number of things you can do to keep this entry to a minimum so that it never affects the security of your mailbox. email and the equipment through which you access it.

Your main ally is the AntiSPAM filter that the system of email makes available to you. It can pre-screen all incoming messages. inbox and inform him about which messages he classifies as spam?? But this filter does not work alone. You will have to “teach” him to distinguish between “good” and “bad” messages for his inbox. email??

spam to mean Send and Publish Bulk Advertising ??Sending and Posting Advertisement in Mass?? It can be done by companies, individuals or automated digital systems and its practical result is the sending of messages in quantity to a large number of recipients who have no interest or advantage in receiving them.

How to reduce spam in email

Help the AntiSPAM filter distinguish spam messages

AntiSPAM filters pre-analyze the contents through the HTML code, detecting words or elements that help them classify messages from spam or not spam.

Words like “free”, “cheap”, “buy now”, “promotion”, “discount” and “today only” are considered a sign that the message can be spam??

The exaggerated use of capital letters, the use of many images and graphics with few words, and the text having one or more colors, are also signs that make the filter suspicious of the message and can lead it to put it on its blacklist.

If the system email it uses is efficient, it will send messages classified as spam to a separate folder, preventing them from coexisting in your inbox main.

But many companies, individuals or automated systems that send these messages already manage to escape this type of verification, making their way to your inbox. email main. This is where you can help the filter work.

Whenever you detect any of these messages, classify it as spam?? In Gmail, for example, you can do this by clicking on the button whose icon is an exclamation point and which says report spam ??report spam) or, inside the message, in the upper right corner by clicking on the arrow and choosing Block ??Block??

Look for something similar if using another system email?? Your filter will gain more ability to check messages like the one you flagged.

The same can happen if some email “good” goes to the page of spam by mistake or because its content, even if from a reliable source, uses prohibited words or elements. In that case, mark this message as Is not spam ??Not Spam) in Gmail. In future, these indications will be taken into account in the automatic filtering.

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Create your own filters

Confirm that your system email has options to create your own filters. If so, you can introduce new words for future content analysis.

For example, in Gmail, you can access more options by entering the settings ??Settings) and choosing the separator Blocked filters and addresses ??Filters and blocked messages??

Also use the filter settings that other security systems installed on your computer or mobile phone can offer you (antivirus or Office Outlook, for example). Thus, you will be able to create a more effective barrier to this type of messages.

never reply to a spam at the email

if any spam escape the filters, the ideal is to realize that it is a spam even before opening it. Pay close attention to the address it comes from and the description of the message. If you have any suspicion, trust your suspicion, and do not open the message, classifying it as spam??

If you get to open it and only then realize that it is spamnever click on linkson the buttons or do download of files that the message offers.

If, by any chance, this email come from a friend and realize that it is spam, let him know as soon as you can. It is a sign that the account and system your friend uses may be compromised and at risk.

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Spam can affect your device’s security

Limit disclosure of your email address email

It’s often difficult, but whenever you can, don’t give your email guys. Use multiple email addresses email for different goals, never compromising your email main directory and all the contacts and messages you store there.

use emails disposables that can free you from the weight of spam associated with the activities you have to carry out with those addresses.

free yourself from newsletters that no longer uses

If you subscribed to content or made purchases on websites that you no longer visit, even with emails alternatives, withdraw your subscription. More and more companies offer these options. This frees you from a lot of unnecessary information analysis that takes away precious time for the activities that really matter.

Throw away the address and create another one

If your regular address is already heavily compromised and highly publicized, see if it’s worth creating a new one and moving your guns and luggage there. Notify all your important contacts and get a new box much easier to manage.

Is it also sending spam emails?

As you receive messages from spamyour email you may be sending them to others. The worst are those sent automatically, without your even being aware of it.

And normally, sign that some malware software took over your contacts and which, in its name, is flooding the mailboxes email of others. If someone warns you of a situation like this, the best thing is to report what happened to the manager of the service you use, close the account and create a new address, informing your contacts of what happened, with an apology.

But it could be the the user himself who is putting himself, without knowing it, in some blacklist, damaging its reputation. Avoid all the content parameters we talked about above that make your messages a persona non grata together with AntiSPAM filters. And don’t forget: your message can always be classified as spam if it’s sent to someone who didn’t ask for it or doesn’t want it.

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