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6 tips for not having problems with Pix

In a world where almost everything can be solved with a smartphone, it’s no wonder that the money movement has followed suit. Pix is ​​relatively recent, but it has already taken over our lives in a natural and inevitable way.

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Check below what, after all, Pix is ​​and suggestions for it to be an advance in your life, not the other way around.

What this article covers:

How PIX works

Pix was instituted by BC (Central Bank) to serve as an alternative to transfers made in DOC and TED modalities, but is also used to make payments.

Its main feature is ease. It can be done through the bank application on any smartphone, at any time of the day (none of the restrictions that follow bank opening hours) and on any day of the week (yes, even on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). Best of all, there are no fees for individuals and MEI??

Such ease attracted the public, but also the criminals. That’s why it’s worth reinforcing tips so you don’t become a victim of scams involving Pix.

Use only your bank’s website and application

Whether to pay, register or carry out any operation, never Pix when faced with messages and SMS from strangers. Only use your bank’s app.

Don’t use mall wi-fi

Internet networks that are not private can have data-stealing viruses hidden in them. If you’re going to do the Pix, do it from your Wifi or through your phone’s internet data.

Attention with your PIX key

Know the difference between the Pix-key and your password to carry out transactions. The key is necessary information for operations, while the password is just for you. Never confuse.

Beware of proximity payments

There may be an alteration in terminals, such as cashiers in markets or stores, for data theft. If you notice any suspicious movement, opt for payment with a password, which is more secure.

Distrust PIX via Whatsapp

What happens most today with regard to scams is the cloning of Whtasapp numbers, so be wary of messages requesting transfers, even if they come from numbers of friends or family members.

Beware of QR codes

Despite QR-codes being a facilitator in our daily lives, it is necessary to pay attention to the value and destination, that is, the bank account involved in the operation. The information must be consistent with each other.

Despite all these precautions being quite intuitive, it is always worth bringing them to mind, even more so in a moment as fast as a bank transaction these days.

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