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6 tips and looks to wear coats with style

When the cold comes, one of the things we want is to wear stylish coats. So, we went in search of the best inspirations for the winter.

As hard as it is to face the cold, winter doesn’t have to be synonymous with looks boring and pointless. And to prove it to you, we went in search of inspirations for wear coats with style??

It’s just that when the days are freezing and gray is the predominant color, coats really are our best friends, keeping us warm and cozy.

As you know, nowadays, there are coats for all tastes and body types and, of course, in all colors. From the long to the short ones, not forgetting the fur ones, there are really winter coats for everyone.

And, that makes the task of finding someone who is, without a doubt, “our face” much easier. But sometimes, even having found the “one” we don’t really know how to wear it and how to combine it, beyond that everyday basic formula.

If you’re in this dilemma, check out our tips and suggestions below and get ready to rock.

Our first tip for wearing overcoats in style is to pair them with sneakers. Yes, you read that right, tennis.

Never, like now, has the fashion world accepted comfortable shoes so well, and the truth is that looks with sneakers are more relaxed and full of flair.

In addition, of course, to making sure you get to the end of the day without foot pain.

You can wear it with a skirt, if you want to make a visual deconstruction, or with tight pants for a more relaxed outfit.

In winter, we always tend to choose trousers over skirts, but it is certain that a coat and skirt outfit, in the cold season, not only results in a very feminine look, but also a different one.

If you like, wear carded tights (so you don’t get cold) and warm ankle boots or even high boots.

And don’t forget to play with layering (for example, a turtleneck sweater and a blazer under the coat). You will see that you will feel magnificent wearing stylish coats.

As with skirts, combining winter coats with culottes (those shorter pants that French women love) might not be our first choice.

However, try wearing it with high boots and you will see how irreverent, beautiful and, above all, warm the result is. If it’s cold, don’t forget to add a scarf and a hat.

Often, as it happens here, the trick to a stylish look is to play with unlikely pieces like culottes, which we tend to leave in the closet, waiting for warmer days.

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With a belt defining the silhouette

A precious tip to give some structure to coats and break the “potato sack” look of those who are not belted, is to mark the waist with a nice belt (or with the coat itself, if applicable).

In addition to being warmer, visually the result is quite fashionable, feminine and full of flair. To wear with jeans, skirts or even dresses underneath.

What matters here is really defining the waist, highlighting the feminine curves.

As we’ve already shown you here, overlays are an excellent way to not only stay warm on the coldest of days, but also to mix pieces and create visually rich looks.

Thus, combining a winter coat with several layers underneath is an excellent way to achieve a beautiful and original look.

Try a shirt with a sweater on top, or a sweater with a wool blazer. The possibilities are immense, just use your imagination.

If you are unapologetically feminine and romantic, our suggestion for wearing stylish coats in the cold season is to combine them with dresses.

Yes, whether they are summer dresses, lighter (must be worn with overlays), or wool dresses, they work great with a coat on cold days, guaranteeing a feminine and warm look.

If you’re not in the habit of wearing dresses in winter, it’s worth trying.

As you can see, wearing stylish coats is not difficult at all. So, follow our tips, get inspired and start recreating this winter’s cutest looks now.

Always remember that accessories such as scarves, gloves, rings, necklaces and earrings are excellent allies to give even more flair to any outfit. Especially in winter, when we tend to be more basic and monochromatic.

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