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6 timeless pieces of clothing you should invest in!

Although the fashion industry is made of trends, there are eternal pieces of clothing that allow you to create beautiful and timeless looks.

We all know that, season after season, the fashion world bombards us with Tendencies and more trends. Some more usable, others less consensual, others even a little strange. But she knew there eternal pieces of clothingone of those resistant to fashion (and the passage of time)?

Yes, it’s really true. Investing in the right pieces allows you not only to be better dressed on a daily basis, but also to save money. Because a wardrobe made from timeless pieces is the certainty of being able to create beautiful and different looks every day, without always having to spend money on new clothes.

By the way, did you know that this is one of the habits of stylish women?

So whether it’s because you’re tired of being a fashion victim (who opens the closet every morning and feels like he has nothing to wear), whether you want to invest in better quality clothes that last for years impeccable, find out below which are the pieces that are really worth it.

Eternal clothing pieces: the 6 that are worth buying

If you think back to your childhood, you’ll probably remember seeing your mother in a blazer. Also, after a few years, it is very likely that it will also become one of her favorite pieces, right? It’s not by chance.

The blazer really is one of those eternal pieces that, year after year, you continue to wear. Therefore, a good tip is to bet on a neutral color that suits you perfectly.

If it’s of good quality (it’s worth investing in a good quality one), 10 years from now it will still be your best friend. Amazing, right?

The camel overcoat (in its different shade variations) is also a safe bet when what you want is a timeless piece.

Indeed, winter after winter, it is a piece that continues to appear in the collections of the major brands. And also fast fashion.

If you don’t have any yet, you can find some good quality ones at stores like Zara and Mango.

Just keep in mind that you should bet on one that you really like to see yourself with, and that has a high percentage of wool. The idea is to never get cold again in winter (and always look wonderful).

Likewise, having a pair of straight-cut black pants in your closet is a safe bet. Timeless, versatile and practical, they last for years absolutely flawless if they are made of good material.

For this reason, it is really worth having some (especially if your goal is to invest in eternal pieces of clothing).

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It is impossible to talk about eternal pieces of clothing without mentioning the white shirt.

Essential in any women’s closet, it is the guarantee of beautiful, elegant and comfortable looks. And fashion proof.

So, if there’s one piece you should invest in, it’s really a white shirt. In that sense, it’s worth spending a little more, and buying a good quality one, in cotton or silk.

These days it’s hard to find a woman who hasn’t surrendered to the comfort and practicality of jeans.

Indeed, they are the perfect piece to create both work outfits and more relaxed coordinates to wear at the weekend.

In that sense, and because they are one of those eternal pieces of clothing, it is worth investing in ones with an impeccable cut and that fit you “like a glove”. Levi’s has some models, like the 501 and 0 721 that are really timeless pieces of clothing.

As much as fashion comes and goes, midi skirts and dresses are timeless pieces that always work well.

Of course, in some years they are more in vogue than in others, but the truth is that they are a classic that gives elegance to any woman, regardless of age or body type.

And, on those days when we want to look effortlessly beautiful, they are our greatest allies. Also because they work well both for work looks and for special occasions.

So, if you want a wardrobe with eternal pieces of clothing, don’t forget to include dresses and midi skirts.

As you can see, it really is worth investing in eternal, classic and timeless pieces of clothing to be even more stylish. And the best: betting on the right pieces, you’ll spend less on clothes.

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