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6 things you should never write in a work email

Do you find it easy to find yourself in work situations where you just go along with everyone else’s wishes – and don’t get things done because you have the nerve to make excuses left and right?

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Then it’s high time you start standing up for yourself! If you yourself do not respect your working hours and your tasks, neither will others. A good area to start with is your email conversations. Be clear and nice, but don’t apologize for doing your job (and for knowing what you’re doing – because you do, don’t forget that!). Here we list six phrases that you should immediately ban from the outbox.

1. “Excuse me, but I…”
No, you’re not sorry! You need to stop apologizing for wanting a colleague (or any other person) to do a certain task, especially if it’s part of their job. You should of course be nice and clear, but don’t apologize!

2. “This might be a stupid question but…”
Just like they said in school, there are no stupid questions. Okay, sometimes it might, but ask anyway!

3. “I could be wrong but…”
Don’t diminish the power of what you have to say before you’ve even said it.

4. “Does this sound reasonable?”
Do not question yourself but trust that what you say is understandable.

5. “I understand if you can’t…”
Hmm… Maybe it’s better to wait until the person being asked says whether or not they can – before you give them an opening to say no.

6. “I am available at any time.”
WRONG! And even if it is (which it probably isn’t), you make it seem like the other person has all the power over your work relationship. Meeting at 5.30pm on Friday? Yes, you actually wrote at any time…

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