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6 Things You Should Do Quickly If You Choke on a Thorn

You have been waiting for this day for weeks, you have a reservation at one of your favorite restaurants and you have been dreaming about its fish for a long time.

You still do not know what the piece of the day will be, but you are sure that it will be delicious and you will enjoy the food a lot; but as soon as you start, a thorn that you have not been able to detect gets stuck in your throat and panic ensues.

What to do to avoid dying choked by a thorn.



This will be your first impulse, and you are not wrong. You’ll have to cough really hard to get the thorn out, but it’s better to get it out where it came in than to damage your entire throat.


A glass of warm water with plenty of salt will help you swallow and the thorn will become part of your body, causing as little damage as possible.

drink olive oil


The olive oil will act as a lubricant and help the thorn to slide.

a sip of vinegar

Vinegar dissolved in water sounds gross, but it could help dissolve the bone that threatens your life.



Take a cloud big enough that you can swallow it without having to chew it and gobble it down. The cloud will catch the thorn and manage to bring it to your stomach without causing harm.

If you don’t have a cloud bag handy, you can always resort to breadcrumb which is just as effective. Even a piece of banana can have the same effect.

visit a doctor


If you’re having trouble breathing and none of the above methods work, call 911. You don’t want to die with a stomach full of banana, oil, vinegar, and a cloud, do you?

Have you tried any of these tricks? Do you have any tips to save life in these situations?

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