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6 Things we should take more often to lose belly and get a flat stomach

Nowadays, life goes too fast and we tend to abuse junk food due to lack of time or laziness. This type of food is loaded with unhealthy calories and we consume it because We think that it is not possible to combine our lack of time with a healthy diet.

This leads to an increase in fat that is not burned and settles in our belly.

Although it may seem like an aesthetic problem, we are also talking about a health problem, since fat and being overweight are very harmful in the long term.

However, everyone dreams of having that flat stomach without a hint of fat that television and social networks show us.

Don’t worry. We will help you discover how you can get rid of the fat in the abdominal area and get that flat stomach that you want so much.

6 home remedies to have a flat stomach


Ginger reduces bloating and improves digestive processes. Therefore, you should try to include it in your recipes and take an infusion of ginger 2 or 3 times a day.

flax seeds


Flax seeds contain a lot of fiber that gives it a satiating and cleansing effect. He also manages to control the anxiety for sweets.

Drink a lot of water


Water is a great tool if we want to remove excess fat. It is recommended drink at least two liters of water daily, about eight glasses. This makes our organs work properly and eliminate those substances that accumulate and that the body does not need.

Infusion of cinnamon and bay leaf


This infusion contains laurel, a plant that improves digestive processes, and cinnamon, a natural fat burner. Put water to boil with 3 cinnamon sticks and 10 bay leaves for 10 minutes. When finished, strain the drink and drink it Morning and afternoon. You will notice the results.

Water with lemon

This remedy is one of the simplest and most effective. You just have to heat water and add a few drops of lemon. It is very effective if you do it in the morning on an empty stomach.. Thanks to the ascorbic acid in lemon, metabolism is activated, and this fruit is also diuretic, so it cleanses the body by reducing fluid retention and eliminating toxins.

Green Tea


Green tea speeds up metabolism, increases energy consumption and has a diuretic function. Thanks to this, calories are burned and toxins are eliminated. Also I know makes the body healthy and deflated. Include tea in your diet but do not drink more than three cups.

Put all these remedies and tips into practice. You will be able to eliminate that fat that you do not want and start to have a flat stomach. Do not forget that you must follow a healthy and balanced diet and forget about those greasy and sugary products that you consumed until now.

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