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6 styling tricks for formal work looks

If your work environment is too classic, this article is for you. We’ve rounded up the best styling tricks for formal work looks.

Regardless of your personal style, if you work in a bank or even in a more conservative company, it is natural that you have to dress in a more classic and formal way. And you probably already found yourself thinking how nice it would be to meet some style tricks for formal work looks right?

It’s just that we all know how tiring it can be, to always wear the same thing.

Well, that may even seem like an impossible mission, at first glance, after all it’s not that difficult. Do not believe? Come over there and discover everything.

6 styling tricks for formal work looks


Dare to prints and details

The straight-cut blazer and pants are probably your first choice when thinking about formal work looks. However, you don’t always have to combine them with a White shirt basic.

In this sense, why not bet on shirts and blouses with a sober and delicate print that, adapting to the formal work environment, give a different touch to the coordinates? Or, if prints are not for you, invest in the details of the pieces: small details, such as a ruffle, a bow or even an overlay.

Going out of the ordinary is also an excellent idea: with a more generous length skirt you can achieve different looks, but still formal and polished.

midi skirt

How about alternating straight cut pants with a midi skirtto feel that you are dressing differently during the week?


Don’t forget the accessories

Whether they are cute earrings, a necklace or even a scarf, accessories are a good way to add some personality to your work outfits, without neglecting the classic and credible image.

So, always opt for elegant pieces, but vary the accessories depending on your mood.


Having to follow a more classic dress code, it is with accessories that you will be able to print your personality, which will translate into polished and beautiful looks.


Make dresses your best friends

One of the best tricks to innovate in formal work looks is to use beautiful and elegant dresses.

Then, just add some light makeup and discreet accessories, and you’re ready to rock.


Forget the ones that are too tight or short, and opt for sophisticated dresses like the envelope dress, tube that ends after the knee or the shirt dress, which will leave you beautiful but always with a professional air.

Dresses that never go out of style

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Add a splash of color with the blazer

Another tip that works well in more conservative work environments is to wear blazers that, although sober, have a stronger color, or some detail that makes the look more harmonious (such as buttons, for example).

It may even look like you’re not dressing differently, but you’ll feel more cheerful and feminine. Do not believe? Try it.

colored blazer

Opt for one in tweed or one in cotton in a pastel color or in turquoise blue, for example.


Choose stylish and original shoes

Shoes always allow some freedom, even in environments with formal work looks.

Consequently, choose shoes that are elegant, but have some special detail, such as thin buckles or a sober color combination.

Shoes count too

Remember that the most important thing is that they look professional. This does not mean, however, that you can only wear black shoes or nude🇧🇷


Make classic patterns allies

Did you know that patterns like stripes or polka dots are classic patterns? For that reason, you can play with them when creating your coordinates.

It’s just that, in addition to making the look beautiful, they’re an excellent way to feel that you’re not just restricted to neutral colors and plain pieces.

stripes or polka dots

With the classic you never go wrong. Choose pieces with cuts and patterns that never go out of style, and pair them with a more formal piece – like a white shirt.

Now that you know the tricks to have even more style in a formal work environment, what are you waiting for to rock?

Get inspired, go around the closet and feel even more beautiful. Every day.

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