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6 strict rules that Queen Letizia and King Felipe have with their daughters Leonor and Sofía at home

Although they are still girls, their role and responsibility do not allow them to lead a conventional childhood.

In addition to the commitments and obligations, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía follow an extremely careful and controlled education to make them strong and dignified women.

His training is demanding both physically and intellectually. These are some of his routines.

Leonor and Sofía’s strict education rules

1- Neither television nor internet

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The days between the week, from Monday to Friday, the girls do not have access to television or the internet. They can only use it on weekends, and under the supervision of their mother, Queen Letizia.

2- Menu of the day

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The queen has decided what the diet her daughters should follow should be, and for this reason she has asked the Santa María de los Rosales school, where Leonor and Sofía study, to remove fat from your menus and replace them with lentils, roast chicken, fruits and vegetables.

3- Sailing classes

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In summer, sailing courses have been a family tradition of the Royal House for many years. However, Queen Letizia has decided that her daughters should not do them for avoid exposing them excessively.

4- Perfect English

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They both speak English perfectly, and since they were very little they have had a nanny who only speaks to them in this language.

5- Bedtime

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Except for exceptional events, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía always go to bed at the same time: 9 p.m..

6- Electronics

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In general, the use of electronic devices is limited. They don’t have a cell phone tabletsalthough they can use didactic games during the weekends.

What do you think of the education that Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía receive? Do you think it is too strict for their age or is it normal because of their role in society? Tell us in the comments!

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