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6 Strategies to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Before you get to a state where your computer’s battery is already dead, follow these tips to extend your laptop’s battery life.

All is not lost and there is still hope for your computer’s autonomy. In fact, batteries are one of the components that most quickly become compromised with use. For this reason, and to avoid more serious situations, follow these tips to increase laptop battery life🇧🇷

How to increase laptop battery life

Control battery performance settings

To the computer users with Windows 10, this is the first tip to follow if you want to safeguard the good functioning of a notebook battery. In its latest version, Windows allows you to access battery performance settings (Battery Slider🇧🇷

In that status bar, you’ll see that you can choose between the best battery saving mode and the best performance it can offer. By choosing an option among these, you will automatically be telling your computer’s battery how it should behave.

The closer to energy saving mode, the better it will be for autonomy, as you are asking that everything you do on the computer be controlled and rationalized in order to save energy.

If, on the other hand, you want to get the best possible performance, you should drag the cursor to the right side of the status bar, in which case you don’t mind compromising the battery for the use you need to give the computer.

Use energy saving

You Apple computer users, regardless of the model in question, have at their disposal a battery saving mode that should be used to increase the notebook’s battery life. To access this mode, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen and open Spotlight Search.

Write “Energy Savings” (or “energy saver” if you have the computer configured in English) and access the menu that will open next. Now you just need to adapt all the functions according to your needs.

Set the time from which you want the computer to go into “pause” mode and do the same for the screen itself. This will require much less power from the computer if you are away and not using it. Also select the options “Pause hard drives whenever possible” and “Slightly dim the screen when using battery power”. Small actions that will save a lot of energy.

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Rationalize your options

If there are applications or programs that you have open, but that you are not using (nor are you planning to use them anytime soon), close them so that you don’t demand from your battery what you don’t need it to return to you. It is important to rethink the use of your notebook as a whole, using only the programs/applications you really need.

In the case of Windows computers, if you write the expression “see which apps are affecting your battery life” in the search bar, you will have immediate access to the percentage of consumption that each application is demanding from your computer. From there, you can close the ones you are not currently using.

Activate Airplane Mode

Yes, you can activate Airplane Mode and continue browsing the Internet. This is, perhaps, one of the biggest doubts that can arise when activating this mode, but the truth is that you can do it and, immediately afterwards, turn on the Wi-Fi – which will work without any problem even if you have the computer on. Airplane mode.

This mode will enhance energy savings, as it prevents the reception and transmission of connections that, at that moment, are unnecessary and do not compromise the use you are giving the computer. This is, therefore, one of the most valuable tips to increase notebook battery life.

Access graphics and screen settings

Your computer screen is one of the components, if not “the” component, that consumes the most battery. The amount of luminosity it requires to be able to illuminate all pixels is quite large, which therefore requires enormous energy capacity.

As such, we advise you to go into your computer’s screen settings and rethink what light levels you are using and if, in fact, you need them to be as high as they are. You don’t need to dim the brightness entirely, but if you choose a middle ground, you’re on the right path to increase laptop battery life.

Because there are also more extreme cases, in which the batteries are already dead (or very close) or already have a lot of use, the best thing would be to have an external battery that accompanies you in case you need an emergency.

You may be completing important work or even using your computer for personal purposes and suddenly run out of battery. Having an external one with you, you will be able to solve the problem immediately, so don’t risk and always have one with you.

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