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6 skin care for makeup wearers

For those who wear a lot of make-up, skin care is essential to ensure that the complexion does not look aged.

Are you one of those women who always likes to be dressed up and likes to put on make-up? Then this article is for you. It’s just that if it’s true that mascara, blush or dark circles corrector are excellent allies when it comes to feeling beautiful, it’s also true that there are some skin care that anyone who wears a lot of make-up needs to have, to keep the complexion beautiful, firm and healthy.

These include good cleaning, exfoliation and hydration.

Below we show you the steps to follow for a healthy and effective beauty routine, in order to keep the skin of your face always looking fresh and young, with or without make-up.

It is essential for everyone, especially those who wear a lot of make-up, to properly cleanse the complexion, in order to ensure beautiful and glowing skin.

So, either before applying make-up or when washing your face before going to bed, you should make sure that there is no trace of product on your skin. In this sense, make cleaning products allies, adapting them to your skin type:

  • Dry skin: use a creamier, hydrating and gentle soap for the face;
  • Oily skin: apply a cleansing gel, capable of removing excess oil and dirt from the skin of the face;
  • Mixed skin: use a soap with dual functionality;
  • Sensitive skin: favor softer products, which do not cause irritation to the skin of the face;
  • skin with pimples: choose specific products for this type of skin problems, consulting a dermatologist.


Make micellar water your best friend

Micellar water is a great ally, which is worth integrating into the daily beauty routine of those who wear a lot of make-up.

In fact, it is a very easy to apply make-up remover that completely removes make-up, simply by putting a little of the product on the cotton and pressing, first in the eye area to remove the mask, eyeshadow and pencil, and then, in other areas of the face.

Micellar water does not need rinsing. It is a super light and gentle formula that respects the skin’s pH.


Don’t give up the tonic

After washing your face, you should always apply a toner to remove dead cells, leftover makeup and bacteria accumulated on the skin.

Choose alcohol-free products suitable for your skin type. Apply a small portion of the toner to a cotton pad and swipe it over your face to finish cleansing.


Don’t forget to exfoliate

Once a week, you should exfoliate your face in order to remove all dead cells and unclog your pores.

As with the rest of the products, you should choose an exfoliating product that suits your skin type.

Woman applying scrub to her face

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A well-groomed and healthy skin needs water and hydration. For this, it is important not to neglect moisturizing creams.

Before going to bed, apply a night cream with vitamin and assets that help with cell renewal, such as Retinol or vitamins A or E, which also reinforce elastin fibers.

Apply all over the face, massaging gently for more effective absorption.


Don’t forget the face masks

In order for the skin to remain beautiful, healthy and fresh, it is important that you make face masks weekly. The results are noticeable and immediate. The mask absorbs oil from the skin and purifies, eliminating all dirt.

Apply on the face – except for the eyes – and let it work for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove the mask with cold water for an even better end result.

It’s never been easier to have beautiful skin.

Tips for makeup wearers

  • Never go to bed with make-up on;
  • Use make-up remover instead of wipes;
  • Eye make-up removers have an oily texture that helps prevent wrinkles in that area of ​​the face, so prefer them;
  • Lipstick with color or lipgloss must be removed with make-up remover and then the lips must be moisturized with Vaseline or lip balm.
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