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6 Signs That the Man You Like Doesn’t Want You

If you don’t want to get hurt in your next relationships, you need to understand what the signs are that he’s not the right man.

There are men who do nothing but flirt. With you and other girls you know, maybe. And also at the same time. They can’t help but flirt. Think carefully whether it is good to continue or not.

How cute, in the affectionate messages he sends you he always calls you love or with other affectionate nicknames. Too bad he does that with other girls too… Better to lose him than to find one like that!

If he wants to be with you a lot, but you never go out together, never appear in public places, it could be because he is in another relationship or married. Run away fast!

If he clearly tells you that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship but that he likes you, if you’re not looking for the same things, why waste your time?

5. He never fell in love

Maybe he’s never been in love just because he doesn’t want to live as a couple or doesn’t need love. He likes to gamble and that can be a short-term and long-term problem.

6. No effort required

You call him and he doesn’t answer. He says he’ll call you back and he doesn’t. He doesn’t take you seriously. You put effort, patience, time and dedication into it. He swims. Do you really want this in love?

This is the goal of women, splitting the thread in four, asking themselves if they are loved and lying to themselves. Here are ten signs he doesn’t love you, even if you don’t want to see them – no matter how obvious they are.

A man who doesn’t love you always has a bad temper and makes “faces” of anything. He is always dissatisfied and is looking for reasons and reasons to point out his mistakes and shortcomings.

A man who doesn’t love you forgets to call you and is always waiting for you to call him. If you ask him why he doesn’t call you, he blames lack of time, convenience, urgent things.

A man who doesn’t love you is distant and unpleasant in conversation. He doesn’t look for discussion threads and responds in a more monosyllabic way.

A man who doesn’t love you is always waiting for you to take the first step, pay for it, take the initiative and decide for yourself.

A man who doesn’t love you is not generous and generous and always thinks of him. You’re not his priority at all and he doesn’t want to surprise you with something nice.

A man who doesn’t love you plays a petty role in your life and disturbs every drawer of your soul. It throws you off balance and weakens your confidence.

A man who doesn’t love you criticizes you and doesn’t praise you unless you specifically beg him. Instead, he expects you to say nice things to him and always watch him.

A man who doesn’t love you is completely indifferent to your needs and not interested in what you really want.

A man who doesn’t love you is never around when you need him, only when he needs you.

A man who doesn’t love you will always try to replace you at the slightest opportunity. He’s even trying to replace you…

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