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6 retrograde planets, including Mercury, will occur in September: how they will affect you

A total of 6 planets will be retrograde during September 2022more than half of the stars that make up the Solar System, highlighting Mercury among all, considered the most chaotic by astrology.

The rest of the celestial bodies that complement the list are Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto, which were already retrograde before the month began.

The concept of retrograde in astrology is used to describe the slow movement or backward movement of a planet in its orbit.. It is an optical effect due to our position on Earth and its implications will depend on the star that “walks” backwards.

The outer planets, being farther from the Sun and Earth, have less noticeable effects than the inner planets, which are closer. September retrogrades are outer planets, with the exception of Mercury, whose effects will be more visible, according to what astrologers explain in Elite Daily.

When does Mercury retrograde start and its effects?

Mercury retrograde begins on September 9 in Librathen on September 23 it will return to Virgo, the previous sign, and will end on October 2 when it will again move towards Libra.

This planet is the astrological ruler of information, communication and logic. When you go back these themes become challenging depending on which sign you go back to.

Initially there will be the Libra so we will see its effects in difficulties to find the balance in our social relationships and life in general. It will cost us to be more diplomatic and understand each side of the story.

When I return to Virgo will short circuit our logic and efficiency. We will have obstacles to being more productive, so we should use this period to evaluate and analyze things in detail, astrologers suggest.

Effects of the other September retrogrades

Uranus: began its retrograde on August 24. Being the planet of rebellion and going backwards in Taurus, it calls us to change our perspective on what we consider security and stability.

Jupiter: began its retreat on July 28 in Aries. The gas giant governs the expansion, that’s why in its retrograde it makes us grow internally and reflect on our path.

Neptune: The ruling planet of dreams and illusions began its retrogression on June 28 in Pisces. While its retrograde lasts, it will make us see our objectives clearly.

Saturn: the star of the rings began to recede on June 4 in Aquarius. It is the planet of karma and discipline, so it helps us analyze our priorities and makes us less rigid.

Pluto: started its way upside down on April 28 in Capricorn. It is the planet of transformation, and when it is retrograde, it brings out our secrets and helps us take control of the changes.

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