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6 Quick tricks to lose belly and get a flat stomach that work

When our grandmother or mother tries to advise us, we omit her and do not give importance to what she tells us, since they seem outdated and irrelevant advice.

However, diet and exercise could be much more valid than any other advice you are given today.

It is true that some techniques to lose weight were of no use at that time but there are others that have been shown to be effective.

6 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

1- Choose to eat cottage cheese

It appeared on the market in 1950 and was a food widely consumed by people trying to lose weight, since it it is low in calories and fat, high in protein and a very versatile food. Maybe you should put cottage cheese back in your diet.

2- Do not eat too many processed foods


We are always in a hurry and prepare food very quickly, opting for convenience foods and processed foods. But contain chemicals, salts and fats that lead to weight gain. Opt for a balanced diet rich in whole foods.

3- Prepare meals in advance


Home-cooked meals are much healthier, so choose to choose one day a week in which you prepare all the meals for the rest of the week.

4- Exercise in a group


Working in a group can keep you engaged in what you do and help you reach your goal as there is a positive peer pressure that helps you reduce the urge to skip training. Plus, working with others helps you work harder and meet your goals faster.

5- Limit sugar intake


Cut down on sugar and beware of artificial sweeteners that are linked to weight gain and even cancer. In addition, reducing sugar consumption has many benefits for your orgnainsmo, including a increased energy and weight loss.

6- Watch what you eat


You must control what you eat but without obsessing. This will help you discover those eating habits that are getting in the way of losing weight. Consider seeing a dietitian or nutritionist.

Remember that these are tips that were practiced in the 60s and 70s and with which our ancestors managed to lose weight. Try putting them into practice and start noticing the results.

Would you try these weight loss tips? Do you know any other? Tell us in the comments!

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