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6 precautions you should take with makeup products

Do you want your makeup products to last longer and always look flawless? Then you really have to follow our tips.

There are few women who do not adore make up and enhance natural beauty. But she knew there are some care you should have with make-up productsso you can use them safely?

Yes, if you want your make-up to last and your products to always look like new, you have to follow some tips.

Below we reveal what they are, so you can start putting them into practice right away. Was he making some of these mistakes?


Do not store makeup in the bathroom

There are many women who have the habit of keeping makeup products in the bathroom. However, this is an error.

It’s just that, once you take a shower there, it’s normal for there to be humidity. And make-up doesn’t do very well in humid environments, deteriorating more easily.

You know that eyeshadow palette you love, but that looks like it’s lost its pigmentation? It could even be because I kept it in the bathroom.

In addition, more humid environments are more prone to bacteria. And all we don’t want is for our makeup products to be invaded by them, right?

So, try to store your makeup in the bedroom. Even if you put on make-up in the bathroom, then just store the products in another room.


Wash brushes weekly

Brushes are great allies for beautiful and irreproachable makeup. And like any utensil, they should be washed and sanitized on a regular basis.

In this sense, it is very important that you wash them with a neutral pH soap, or with a specific product, at least once a week.

It’s just that, as you probably know, dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. Apart from that, with the accumulation of product on the bristles, the brushes also end up not performing so well. Keep them clean!


Do not put liquids on the mascara

It is common to hear that if you put saline or water in the eyelash mask, it will help to prolong its life.

However, experts are unanimous in saying that liquids damage the product, which can even have consequences at the eye level. Everything we don’t want, right?

So, when your mascara is getting dry and it starts to soak your lashes, it’s best to replace it with a new one.

eyelash mask

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Clean the eyelash curler

As with brushes, the eyelash curler must also be kept clean and sanitized. It’s just that, it’s natural that some eyelashes are transferred from time to time, and even germs.

Therefore, the ideal is that after each use, soak a cotton in alcohol and clean the roller well. But if you can’t do it all the time, do it at least once a week.


Spray the products with alcohol

Did you know that from time to time it is important that you spray your eyeshadow palettes, powder foundations and even lipsticks with a little alcohol?

This will help keep the products free of bacteria and germs, making them safer.

But of course, after spraying it’s important that you don’t put your makeup right away. Allow the products to air dry for at least one day.


Store pencils in the fridge before sharpening them

Are you tired of sharpening your eye and lip pencils, and the beak breaking immediately afterwards?

This is because makeup pencils tend to be very soft. A good tip that you can start putting into practice is to put them in the fridge, before sharpening them.

This way they will be a little more rigid and when sharpening they will no longer break. Which will translate into a longer lifespan.

Did you know these tricks?

Article originally published December 2021. Updated November 2022.

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