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6 Parts and areas of the body that you should not touch

As you may already know, hands play a critical role in the transmission of germs even after we wash them thoroughly with soap and water; After all, our hands are the usual way we use to interact with an environment full of bacteria and germs.

Many people forget this fact and are not aware of the need to take certain precautions when it comes to preventing germs from entering our bodies.

And it is that we use our hands to interact with our body without respecting too much certain areas of our body that are “sacred” and that we should avoid if we want to make it difficult for microbes.

So, what parts of our body should we not touch?

1- Ears


First of all, we should never put our fingers in our ears as we would be exposing our ear canal to external germs.

If we insert our finger or some other foreign object into our ear, we run the risk of breaking the thin skin that surrounds and protects the ear canal, making the transmission of bacteria much easier.

Although many of us put our hands to our ears when we experience the slightest itch, it is advisable to go to the otolaryngologist instead of having our ears checked on our own, even if the cause of our discomfort is only the accumulation of earwax.

2- Face

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It is extremely common for us to remain self-absorbed and without realizing it we absently put our hands to our faces.

Unfortunately, with this practice we increase the risk of bacteria from the environment ending up in our bodies.

3- Rear

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It is inevitable that our hands hang around that area every time we go to the bathroom, however, we should pay more attention to their hygiene every time we visit the toilet.

Remember that it is in this place where some of the most harmful bacteria that our body produces reside, so it is essential that we wash our hands well the next time we go to the bathroom.

4- Eyes

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Under no circumstances should we touch our eyeballs. We will only have an excuse to take our hands to that area if we need to put on some contact lenses or need to remove any foreign particles.

By making contact with our bare hands we run a high risk of introducing germs that can cause more than just red eyes.

5- Mouth

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Whenever we get bored we bring our hands close to our mouths.

In fact, one study revealed that people place their fingers around this area nearly 24 times in just one hour, which can be a real problem if we’re trying to avoid transferring germs that reside on our hands to our mouths.

6- Nose

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According to a 2006 study, those who habitually pinched their noses had a 51% chance of carrying staphylococcus aureus, a type of bacteria that can cause various illnesses, including boils and food poisoning.

The next time you take your hands to these parts of the body, be aware of the amount of infections and dirt from other people that you are exposing your body to.

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