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6 models of pants that can’t be missing in your wardrobe

Pants models have been around for a long time and are, most likely, one of the most used pieces by women, all over the world. Democratic and versatile, they allow us to be beautiful and comfortable both when going to work, when facing the day-to-day routine or playing with the kids.

For this reason, and because we must keep the closet up to date with those pieces that we use the most and are more practical for our daily lives, we have gathered the models pants you should have in your wardrobe.

From the typical skinny jeansnot forgetting the palazzo pants or the a more classic cut cigarette, there are pants for all tastes and occasions.

Important, of course, is that you feel good in the model you choose, as any woman looks more confident when wearing clothes she is comfortable with.

So, don’t pay attention to the labels (often the number you wear on one brand is not necessarily the number you wear on another) and try it out. If you feel they are the ones, don’t let them slip away.

Below, we leave you some suggestions for versatile pants to wear every day. Enjoy!

5 pants models you should have in your wardrobe

For a long time now, some voices have predicted the goodbye to skinny jeans, but the truth is that this model of tights that emphasize the feminine curves, continues to be one of the favorites of women, all over the world.

And even though there were some other models trying to steal the spotlight (as happened with the mom jeans or the boyfriend jeans), they remained in the spotlight of trends, winning many hearts – and legs – out there.

The great advantage of skinny jeans is that, because they are tight, they can easily be used with any top.

From an inside shirt with a belt, for a more formal outfit, to an oversized t-shirt for days when you don’t feel like wearing anything or silk blouses in spring, the result is always neat and perfect.

And maybe that’s the reason for its success. It’s just that a single pair of these pants models allows for countless different combinations and styles.

So you can go to work with a few skinny jeans, like to the airport or to a friend’s house for lunch. This model of pants is, without a doubt, one of the most practical and versatile.

mid waist jeans

A model that is already classic, in several colors, maintains its presence in the new collections.

the pants models cigarette they are those that taper to the bottom and, therefore, are synonymous with elegance.

Perfect for work, especially for women who work in corporate or more formal environments, they have the great advantage of leaving a slim figure.

However, you should bear in mind that there is a very large universe of pants cigarette. Some are higher-waisted and others are lower-waisted, so you should choose those that best suit your body type.

So, if you have a tummy, choose to buy cigarette pants with a high waist, because they will favor you much more. And if it’s low, avoid low-rise pants, as they’ll make you look even lower.

Having pointed out these tricks, you can buy pants of this model without fear. You’ll wear them a lot and they’ll be your best friends, especially if you’re a woman who doesn’t do without pants, even on special occasions.

The pants paper bag they are high-waisted ones that are fastened with a belt, creating a paper bag effect.

For those who like pants models with a touch of elegance, even in more relaxed coordinates, this is a model that is, in fact, worth investing in.

You can wear them with heels as well as sneakers, and they work well either with a silk shirt to go to work, or with a t-shirt to go to the movies with friends.

However, it is not a model that pleases everyone. Consequently, it is one of those pants that you should only buy if you really like the model.

paper bag jeans

Available in multiple colors.

Woman with slouchy pants

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Known as classic pants, the straight they are that less-tight pants model, which is straight from the hip to the hem.

The best known model of these pants is the 501 from Levi’s, but of course it exists in many other brands, including stores fast fashion like Zara.

In fact, it is one of those pants models that never goes out of style, so you can buy and wear them without fear.

Although leggings, tights and stretchy pants are anything but consensual, the truth is that they are making a comeback on the trend stage.

So, if you’re a model of pants that you even like to wear on lazy days, just combine it with a wider top and you’re done.

Some people use them for work, but if your work environment is too formal, it’s better to only use them on your days off.

Palazzo pants are the best friend of all those who work in more formal environments, or who love elegant looks.

The great advantage of this model of pants is that it elongates the silhouette, creating the illusion that we are taller and thinner.

Nowadays you can find these kind of pants in any fast fashion store, and the truth is that they are really a good buy.


With front pleats and high waist.

Now that you know which pants you should really have in your closet, there are no more excuses not to rock the hot season.

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