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6 mistakes with work clothes you should avoid now

In doubt about what you should or should not wear to work? Know the mistakes with work clothes that you should really avoid.

Have you ever wondered if you made the right choice of look for the office or that meeting? Trust me, many of us can relate to this problem, which is so common for even the most confident of us. fashionistas. Some mistakes with work clothes should be avoided – and we tell them what they are.

To be successful, it’s important to know your own body, stay true to your style and, of course, don’t ignore the dress code from the company.

Dressing appropriately for work will make you more confident. Check out our suggestions so that it is always perfect!

Whether you’re starting your first job, or you’ve just been promoted, your dressing choices can improve your reputation or even damage your credibility. Some mistakes should be avoided when getting dressed to go to workand if you stay away from them you will inspire your team.

Check out our tips for an (even) more successful career!


Don’t use your size

If you are in the habit of wearing pieces that are smaller than your usual size, to look more elegant and slim, don’t. Contrary to what was intended, you will thus be highlighting your curves even more and not hiding them.

Likewise, do not use t-shirts or very wide jeans, so as not to convey a very relaxed and relaxed idea. You don’t want to give the impression that you left with your boyfriend’s clothes, do you?

Dressing your size will make you feel pretty and fit for work.


Wearing too revealing clothes

One of the biggest mistakes we make is believing that showing some body parts can be sensual and attractive. Not only is this a big mistake, it’s also inappropriate for any professional setting.

Save plunging necklines, sheer blouses and miniskirts for other occasions.

Keeping a low profile results in your professionalism being respected, and reduces unnecessary attention or potential distractions.


Using the wrong accessories

The accessories you wear should be chosen taking into account the occasion. You don’t need to buy those long earrings that are in trend this season, or take that colorful bag just because your look it’s monochromatic.

Remember that less is more. The accessories you wear to work should complement your outfit, preferably discreet and of good quality.

You should also opt for comfortable accessories that allow you to do your work without limitations.


Wearing poorly presented or worn clothes

Getting dressed up five times a week can be a real challenge. We often arrive tired and without energy, ending up ignoring the pile of laundry waiting for us.

However, showing up with wrinkled clothing or with many signs of use can give the wrong impression of you. It can give the idea that you don’t care and that laziness won.

Leave your clothes already prepared and ironed the day before, so you avoid giving up this important task when you wake up.

Of course, at the end of the day, creases will emerge. But avoid showing up like this first thing in the morning. You certainly don’t want to show up badly presented for that surprise meeting.

The corporate environment requires appropriate visuals, as well as other occasions require it too. If you think that the most festive pieces will make you feel more dressed up, know that it could send the wrong message.

Keep in mind that the dress will reflect your personality and personal taste. In this way, dress comfortable and appropriate for your place and work environment.

Also avoid the makeup very heavy, so that during that important presentation you can concentrate on your speech only.


Believing that what you wear is not important

Because it’s your skills that matter, right?

Not only! The way you present yourself is an important indicator of your personality.

If your workplace allows for a casual look, try to maintain a certain ethic and avoid the t-shirts graphics, shorts or flip flops. If you like to wear jeans, give preference to simpler models and leave the tears for your days off.

What you wear in your work reflects the importance and seriousness you give to it. Looking presentable is the first step to achieving a confident mindset.

Follow our tips to avoid the biggest mistakes with work clothes and always look perfect.

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