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6 looks with wellies to inspire

They are our feet’s best friends on rainy days. That’s why, for this season, we went in search of looks with inspiring wellies.

The rainy days seem to be here to stay, so there’s nothing better than taking your wellies out of the closet to face them. It’s just that, despite not being a consensual shoe, we all agree that they are our best friends when it’s raining in buckets. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best looks with galoshes for this fall.

Although naturally more casual, galoshes don’t have to be synonymous with basic or sloppy outfits. Yes, they can be used in feminine looks to go out with friends or even in work looks. Everything will depend, of course, on the pieces with which to combine them.

In this sense, we sought out several inspirations of different styles, so that in the rainy season you can look beautiful without giving up comfort. After all, who wants to end the day with wet feet and a cold?

With cardigan and dress

Cardigans are back this autumn-winter, and did you know that they can be a good choice for cold rainy days?

Choose a longer and warmer one, pair it with a floral dress (another trend this season), and on your feet opt ​​for black wellies, which you can wear with countless other outfits.

The result is feminine, cozy and, of course, very comfortable.

With skirt and trench coat

If you think that galoshes don’t go well with work coordinates, know that this is not the case.

Just keep in mind that, although the wellies all look the same, betting on quality ones is sure not to get your feet wet and, of course, to get a prettier outfit.

If you combine them with a skirt just above the knees or midi, a well-cut shirt and a trench coat, the result is professional and, best of all: waterproof. Try it.

With leggings and sweater

On those weekends when you wake up and it’s downpour outside, the temptation not to get out of bed is great. But, if you need to take the kids to activities, or if you have a family lunch planned, we have the solution.

There’s nothing better than combining a warm sweater with black leggings and wellies. Add a trench coat and a scarf and you’ll be perfect for a rainy day in style.

With jeans and a sweater

Another easy way to wear wellies in style is to combine them with a warm sweater, jeans and a different trench coat.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s coloured, polka dots or stripes, an original trench coat will make even the most basic outfit stand out. So, on rainy days, use and abuse this tip.

With parka of the same color

If your children ask you to go and play in puddles when it rains, why not combine wellies together as a family? Choose ones in a strong color for everyone and pair them with a parka in the same shade.

You can either wear the combination with jeans and a sweater or with a loose shirt and leggings.

The result is comfortable and relaxed, perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones.

with round skirt

Do you have a very feminine style and never know how to wear wellies? In addition to dresses, another excellent bet is to wear them with circle skirts and a parka.

So, be inspired by this suggestion and knock it out at your next lunch with friends.

The more feminine the pieces with which the wellies are combined, the more feminine the end result will be.

As you can see, there is no shortage of good inspiration for these rainy days. Take advantage of our suggestions and give new life to wellies that haven’t come out of the closet this year.

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