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6 looks we can all create

We bring you 6 good ideas for looks with parkas for the cold season, coordinated with pieces that we all have in our closet.

If you are a fan of a practical and comfortable style, it is very likely that you have already asked yourself how to wear parkas for the cold season and with sneakers. It’s just that parkas are essential in the cold season, especially when the days dawn gray.

Known for its versatility and the fact that it is warm and waterproof, the parka is one of those timeless pieces that every woman and man needs to have in their closet. Yes, this is a pleasantly cross-genre piece.

The origin of parkas

With origin in Inuits (Indigenous Eskimo people who lived in the Canadian Arctic), parkas went from simple functional coats that allowed them to stay warm and dry, to practical garments with a touch fashion that we all use.

In fact, along with jeans, parkas for the cold season are some of the most democratic pieces you’ll ever have in your closet.

Although we usually see them in moss green, nowadays it is possible to find them in a huge variety of tones from beige to hot pink. That is, if you run away from the green troop, this is not necessarily an impediment to having a parka.

So, whether you are more traditional or prefer more eccentric parkas, see our suggestions below on how to combine them and get ready to rock the cold season.


With dress and tights

How many times have you combined your parka for the cold season with a dress? If you like inspiration, take advantage of the sunny winter days to recreate it. We all have a woolen dress in our closet, don’t we?

Wearing a parka combined with a knitted dress and sneakers may seem like an obvious combination, but the truth is that it is not.

Easy to recreate and very cool is this combination: just add a white sweater to the parka and sneakers and that’s it.

It’s just that, in winter we are more tempted to wear dark colors, and giving the look a point of light (with white) is an easy strategy that makes it completely different, with more life.

The good part is that to recreate this look you don’t need to buy anything. Just use the parts you already have at home.
After all, never before like now, we live in an era where sustainability is the watchword.


playing with overlays

We’ve already told you here about how layering is a good way to create creative and beautiful looks, to fight the cold.

The idea is to create layers that, in addition to looking good, will keep you warm throughout the day.

Therefore, we suggest that you also do this when you combine your parka for the cold season with sneakers. Bet on sweaters with shirts underneath, cardigans with sweaters, nightgowns with thin turtleneck sweaters underneath, anyway.

Anything goes (almost) to create your overlays, as long as you feel comfortable and stylish.

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In monochromatic look

On those days when the morning is gray and all you want to do is stay in bed, nothing better than going for a monochromatic look. Combine, for example, some white knitted pants with a sweater in the same color, and that’s it.

Put your parka on top, wear sneakers with a higher top, or ankle boots, so you don’t get cold and you’ll be ready to work, if your work environment is not formal, or to go for a walk with the family.

Leggings may not even be consensual, but it is certain that they are super comfortable, and one of those irresistible pieces when you don’t know what to wear and the alarm clock has already gone off a thousand times.

And if you’re part of that group of women who really don’t give up comfort, know that wearing your parka for the cold season with sneakers and leggings is a good option to feel good and beautiful in your own skin.

This is a perfect look for both working from home and times when you have to go out on errands – and of course, it’s perfect for wearing on your days off.


With striped shirt

We all know that stripes, like parkas, are simple and easy alternatives to create interesting looks, especially if we manage to achieve a coordinate like this mix of prints. For example, the leopard print works really well with stripes and it would be a great idea to have it on your shoes or bag.

The result is bold, but without being too eccentric. It will give you an air of being on trend without inevitably being a victim of trends.

If you like simple, timeless outfits that always work, just add one of your favorite parkas to a striped sweater and you’ll be ready for another day, be it work or leisure.

Indeed, now that you know how to wear parkas for the cold season with sneakers, what are you waiting for to recreate these looks?

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