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6 ideas for cute, themed and original Christmas nails

Get to know the best Christmas nail inspirations, so you can live the Christmas season from head to toe. Get inspired and start praising.

That Christmas is the most magical time of the year, no one has any doubts. But if you are one of those people who like to live the Christmas season intensely, we have good news: we have gathered the best christmas nails to be inspired and recreated.

Yes, there are many women who, at this time of the year, like to try new things on their nails, in addition to red varnish?? And after we’ve revealed the best makeup for Christmas, it’s time to pay attention to your hands.

After all, this is an era where glitter doesn’t have to stay at home.

Some inspirations are easier to recreate, others mean getting your nails done by a professional. In common, they all have the fact that they are fantastic and truly Christmas.

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Christmas nails: the 6 best inspirations to recreate now

If you like holly, why not draw them on your nails too? Just paint them white and, on two of them, draw the leaves in green and the dots in red.

If you’re not good at nail art, you can choose to ask the manicurist to do it for you, taking inspiration, or easier: buy specific nail stickers, with holly, and you’ll have your Christmas nails beautiful and effortless.

Although these are not the easiest nails to recreate, as they require some skill, they are beautiful and the ideal choice for those who prefer more fun Christmas nails.

If you’re not good with drawings, take the inspiration to your trusted professional, and you’ll see how happy you are with the work of art.

Perfect for nude fans, this inspiration consists of painting all the nails in a beige tone and leaving two (one on each hand) in a lighter shade (or with transparent glitter). And on those two, draw a reindeer. You can also top it off with a red francesinha.

If you’re a fan of red nails all year round, but want to give them a Christmas look for the upcoming festive season, choose to leave two (one on each hand) transparent.

Then, with the same red varnish you painted the others, draw a Santa hat. Finish with a white varnish to make the hat’s brim and pompom and that’s it. Some Christmas nails to envy.

Like the suggestion we showed you earlier, to recreate this inspiration you also need some expertise. Therefore, if you are not very good at painting nails, the ideal thing is to ask your manicurist for help.

Stylish black painted nails

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However, it is not very easy to be able to recreate this inspiration alone, since you have to draw pine trees on all your nails.

In that sense, either buy some nail stickers with Christmas pine trees, or make an appointment with your chosen manicurist and ask him to recreate this Christmas suggestion.

Betting on gray nails, with Christmas pine trees drawn in black, is also a good suggestion of incredible Christmas nails, for the most discreet.

Are you a star fan? So, for this Christmas, paint your nails with a glitter polish, and buy specific nail stickers with star motifs.

Once the nails are dry, it’s easy: just stick the star stickers on each one of them and that’s it.

A Christmas nail suggestion that is very easy and quick to recreate, for all women who love the Christmas season but don’t like to waste time.

Do you want some amazing Christmas nails but aren’t a big fan of designs? We have a good solution. Paint four nails with a red glitter polish and the remaining one with a green glitter polish.

The result is beautiful Christmas nails that are very easy to achieve. Even for those who are not very good with nails.

Where to buy nail stickers?

If this Christmas you really want to put some stickers with drawings on your nails, know that you can find them in any cosmetics store and also online here??

Christmas nail tutorial

Were you excited about our suggestions and want to learn how to do Christmas nail art? See this tutorial where it is explained how to draw and paint Christmas motifs on nails.

Ready to rock your new nails this Christmas?

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