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6 home practices that will invite the angels to bless your home

Including simple home practices in your daily routine can create the right environment in your home for the angels to feel comfortable and enter to bless, with their divine and celestial energy, all the spaces of your sacred place.

Like people, these divine beings have tastes and preferences, although in a very different way from earthly pleasures. They are attracted to positive environmentsso by practicing these habits that we teach you below, with the help of the specialized angelology site Digeon.net, you prepare your visit.

1. Play calm music

Music has a vibration that calls to angels, but not just any kind. Although listening to our favorite melodies improves the mood, it does not mean that they are the most suitable for angels. They prefer classic violin themes, Gregorian chants or great hits by period composers, which have soft and calm rhythms..

2. Keep your home lit

Angels are not comfortable in dark environments. Since they are responsible for bringing us light, they are attracted to well-lit spaces. In the morning open windows, blinds and curtains to let in natural light.and if your rooms are very dark, regularly light a white candle to illuminate those spaces, with due precautions.

3. Clean and purified house

Angels are pure, sensitive and delicate beings, which is why they go to places that have a positive vibration. From time to time, light incense or place fresh flowers in vases to purify your rooms. Also keep in order and clean your house from dust or dirt.

4. Meditation

Meditation allows you to be in touch with your spirit guides and of course the angels. Include this practice in your routine, which you can do on a chair or on the floor in the lotus flower position. Remember that your posture should be with your back straight, perform breathing exercises and focus your mind.

5. Focus your mind

This point is directly linked to the previous one. When you meditate, analyze how your breath moves through the body; focus only on it and do not allow other thoughts to be in your mind. For the angels it is important that you are relaxed and calm.

6. Believe in communication with the divine

Only with faith and hope can you communicate with the angelsIf you don’t believe in their presence, they will never come to your call. You must trust them and their divine power.

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