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6 hairstyles to disguise oily hair: quick and simple

Did you know that there are hairstyles to disguise oily hair? Find out what they are and feel amazing, even on the most hectic days.

There are many women who suffer from hair oiliness, but this does not necessarily have to be a problem. beyond the specific shampooswhich help to keep the hair clean for longer, and two dry shampoosalso the hairstyles to hide oily hair are excellent allies for beautiful hair.

For that reason, and as many times in the rush of everyday life it becomes difficult to keep your hair always washed, follow these hairstyle tips and not only will you feel incredible, but you will also be able to highlight your face and draw compliments from your hair.

Do not believe? Check it out below and get inspired!

Hairstyles to disguise oily hair

The 6 that match

You know those braids tightly attached to the head that boxers have? They work beautifully not only to make the look more beautiful and original, but also to manage to disguise oily hair.

So, as the hair is caught in the braid, it creates the illusion of being clean. So, take advantage of the days when you can’t wash your hair to create this hairstyle, and get ready to get compliments wherever you go.


ponytail with braid

Likewise, braided ponytails are excellent allies to disguise the oiliness of the hair, creating the effect of hair that is clean and full of life.

So apply some dry shampoo and then pin your hair high on top of your head and braid the remaining section.

The result is an incredible hairstyle that not only helps to disguise oily hair, but also leaves it full of personality.


ponytail with volume

If you’re not into braids but like the idea of ​​a ponytail, make one with plenty of volume.

So, secure your hair high on top of your head and then apply a volumizing spray to the loose part. Comb and that’s it.

A ponytail that looks like a movie star in less than 5 minutes is pretty easy, right?

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Another good bet when what we want is to disguise oily hair is to tie it in a messy bun at the back. So, apply some dry shampoo and you’re done. If you want, you can even add a ribbon or headband to further disguise the root.

However, don’t worry about doing it very well. The idea is that it has that messy (disheveled) look, very fashionable these days.

As this is a super easy hairstyle to disguise oily hair and it doesn’t take more than 3 minutes to do.


bun on top of head

Speaking of buns, also the high bun on top of the head is the best friend on greasy hair days. As it is well secured at the top, it hides the roots, creating the idea of ​​clean and full of life hair.

For an even better result, secure with a thick rubber band, and don’t forget to apply some dry shampoo.

A very easy hairstyle that will make you feel beautiful and without complexes. Even on the days when the hair is the dirtiest.

If you have a more romantic and feminine style, how about betting on a crown of braids to disguise oily hair?

It is a very easy and feminine hairstyle that not only disguises dirty hair, but also makes any look more beautiful and delicate.

That is, it is one of those hairstyles that is really worth it. And if you think making a braid crown is too difficult, buy a ready-made one in the approximate color of your hair. Then just apply dry shampoo to the root, put it on and that’s it.

Easy and awesome, right?

Now that you know which are the best hairstyles to disguise oily hair, there are no more excuses for not always feeling your best.

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