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6 haircuts for wavy hair that rejuvenate

Follow our tips for adopting wavy haircuts and that will bring a youthful air to your look. We share some haircuts for wavy hair.

Nothing is worse than loose curls and lack of tone to age and fatigue facial features. To maximize your rebound, it is essential to adopt a well-degraded haircut. Shortcuts on the surface, on the contour of the face or by small touches throughout the hair, the hair gains movement and the waves are much more dynamic.

Increase volume at roots

If you have fine hair, it is essential to lighten the weight of the lengths by adopting a slightly shorter haircut. It can be a short square, a short-cut ball, or even a well-worn medium cut. Slightly shortened, the lengths will tend to form prettier curls and the roots will appear much larger.

Adopt a modern cut

To enhance curly hair and rejuvenate hair after 40 years, it is important to adopt a modern, dynamic and trendy haircut. We fall into all declinations of squares: ball, retro, wavy, gradient. We also love the short cuts that give a lot of air to curly hair. Another option if you have a little longer hair: adopt thick fringes that camouflage small defects in the upper part of the face.

Haircuts for wavy hair

The long gradient squarehaircuts for wavy hair

Nothing like a well-degraded cut to give curly hair maximum bounce. Here, the locks frame the face well to enhance your oval. It is one of the best haircuts for wavy hair.

the long fringehaircuts for wavy hair

This long, thick fringe hides the small blemish of the face and adds to the intensity of the look. To use on wavy hair, with a square or medium cut.

the square ballhaircuts for wavy hair

This square with bangs is ideal for enhancing curly hair and rejuvenating features after 40 years. In fact, it accentuates the volume at the roots and gives a beautiful movement to the lengths. It is one of the best haircuts for wavy hair.

The medium length cuthaircuts for wavy hair

This medium-long cut degraded surface adds vitality to lengths and perfectly frames the face. A must for a youthful effect.

the retro squarehaircuts for wavy hair

Dynamic, modern and glamorous, this haircut is perfect for enhancing curly or wavy hair and waking up the face.

the short squarehaircuts for wavy hair

Easy to style, this short wavy square adds volume to fine hair and gives curly hair a boost.

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