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6 good tips to moisturize your hair at home

Did you know that there are some tricks to hydrate your hair at home? Meet them and say hello to the strong, shiny and beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or shortstronger or drier: moisturize your hair at home it’s the key to keeping it groomed, shiny, and healthy.

This is because hydration is essential to return water and nutrients to the hair strands, leaving them hydrated, vitalized and shiny. That is, everything we want, right?

And at a time when many women are on vacation, and spend the day between the beach and the pool, moisturizing at home becomes even more important, especially for those who don’t want to be the owners of dry and lifeless hair.

So, take the time to dedicate yourself to hair care, without rushing. It’s just that, believe me, the better you take care of your hair, the prettier and healthier it will be.

Hydrate your hair at home: how to do it and essential tips


Choose products specific to your hair type

Before starting hair hydration itself, it is very important to check if you have specific products for your hair type.

So, if you have colored hair, you should invest in a care line to dyed hair. If you feel that your hair is fragilebet on shampoo, mask and conditioner for brittle and lifeless hair.

It’s just that using products suited to the needs of the hair is essential to make them beautiful and healthy.

The first step to hydrate your hair at home is to wash it very well, with a shampoo suitable for your hair type.

And instead of putting the shampoo directly on the scalp, dissolve it with water in your hands and only then proceed with washing. This will allow the hair to be cleaner, preventing the accumulation of shampoo residue on the scalp.


Apply the mask strand by strand

Would you rather make a homemade hair mask or hydrate the hair with coconut oil, or choose to buy a specific mask, before applying it, divide the hair into sections.

Afterwards, apply the product strand by strand, without touching the roots, so that all the hair is covered with a moisturizing mask.

The idea is that hydration reaches all hair strands equally.

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Wrap your hair in a warm towel

To enhance the effect of the hair mask, choose to wrap your hair in a very warm towel. You can wet it with boiling water, wring it out and then cover the hair with the mask with it. Leave it like this for 20 to 30 minutes, while you relax, for it to work.

This technique is called hot wrappingand it works very well because it guarantees that all the active principles and ingredients of the mask are absorbed by the hair fiber.

So, at least every twenty days, it is important to moisturize with a hot towel, to nourish the hair strands in depth.


Wash thoroughly with lukewarm or cold water

Washing your hair with very hot water is not recommended by all hairdressers. This is because cold or lukewarm water makes hair shinier and healthier looking.

In this sense, to remove the hydration mask, choose to do it with the water temperature as cold as possible.

The end result is much better than washing your hair with very hot water.


Finish with hair oil on the ends

With hair already dry, it is crucial that you apply a hair oil on the ends, in order to make them even more hydrated and to avoid split ends.

If you can’t spend money on a specific oil for your hair, you can choose to put a small amount of coconut oilonly at the ends.

The result is stronger, nourished and shiny hair.

Hydrate your hair at home: 3 masks to try

For those with long hair

Do you feel the dry and lifeless ends? Then it is worth trying the Dream Long hair mask. With a formula that helps rebuild hair strands right up to the ends, it leaves them hydrated and beautiful right after the first application. It’s a good solution for all those who have long hair and don’t want to cut it.



Ultra Smooth Avocado and Shea, Garnier

intense nutrition mask

For very dry hair

Ideal for frizzy hair, it is an intensely nourishing mask.
And, with its exclusive formula, it restores lost elasticity and nutrition to the hair strands. The hair is more beautiful, easy to comb and silky.


mask for dyed hair pantene

for colored hair

Is your hair colored or streaked? So a good option for a hair mask is Color Protect, by Pantene.
In addition to hydrating the strands in depth, it helps to protect the color, leaving the hair shiny and healthy.


Now that you know how to hydrate your hair at home, take advantage of the holidays to make a homemade spa where, in addition to your skin, you also take care of your hair.

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