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6 good tips and inspirations

We’ve put together the best tips and inspiration for wearing hats in winter, so you can stay warm and stylish until spring. Check out.

There are many women who love to see hats in winter, but they are afraid to use them and draw too much attention. If that’s your case, come there and get inspired.

Hats are a striking accessory, working great to add fashion information to the look. This, of course, in addition to having the obvious use of protecting the head and ears from the cold.

But that doesn’t mean that the most discreet and minimalist can’t use them. Quite the contrary. It is possible to create casual looks, warm and comfortable with a hat.

So, see below our tips and suggestions for wearing a hat in the cold season, and knock it out.

How to wear hats in winter: 6 tricks

6 tips for wearing hats in the cold season

  • If you’re not used to wearing hats, our suggestion is that you opt for neutral colors like beige or black. This is because you will feel much safer, in a first phase, than if you start by wearing a hat in a striking color like red, for example.
  • Think of it as an accessory that protects you from the cold. It’s just that, in addition to giving style to the outfits, hats serve, mostly, to snuggle us against the cold on the head and ears.
  • If you are short, always opt for hats with shorter brims, as wide-brimmed hats create an illusion that they are “swallowing” you and will make you look even shorter.
  • If you want to give hats a chance, but are still a little afraid of attracting too much attention, start by wearing them on outings with friends or your boyfriend. Being surrounded by people who like us and feel good about us, when we try something new related to style, helps us to feel even more confident.
  • Only buy hats that you feel good and comfortable with. As much as you take a friend shopping and she loves to see her in a certain hat, if she doesn’t feel good about it, she’ll end up leaving it leaning against the closet.
  • When wearing a hat, it is important to take it off for a few minutes throughout the day, so that the hair does not get flattened and with the dreaded “helmet effect“.

With the tips noted, we share below 5 inspirations for looks with hats that, in addition to being very easy to recreate, result in a careful and less exuberant look.

Check out.

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5 looks how to wear hats to be inspired and recreate without fear


Black hat and gray overcoat

For those days when it’s freezing cold, nothing better than complementing a basic look with a black hat. In this case, the yellow of the sweater worked to add some color to the outfit, but if you are more monochromatic, you can opt, for example, for a black sweater.
The result is a stylish, yet unobtrusive look.


Total white look with hat in the same color

We know that this outfit is not for everyone, but if you like to wear white in the cold season, combine your look with a hat in the same color. The result is beautiful, comfortable and sophisticated.
Perfect to wear on very cold days.


Black hat with knitted dress

This is a super basic outfit, but it gains a new life with the hat. In other words, it’s proof that hats are great allies to give fashion information to the most basic looks.
You can use it both for a Sunday walk, and for a walk around the city, after a day of work at home.

If you have a practical and minimalist style, nothing better than opting for a monochromatic black outfit, with a hat in the same color.

An incredible and cold-proof suggestion that you can use both to go to work and to take a walk around the city.

On those cold days when you wake up with no ideas, nothing better than combining a long wool dress with a wool overcoat.
Then just top it off with a hat and some sneakers, and you’ll be ready to go to work or for lunch with friends.

It’s never been so easy to wear hats in winter, right? Get inspired by our suggestions and create even more amazing and warm looks in the cold season.

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