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6 good reasons to drink green tea starting today

Green tea is a great alternative to industrialized drinks and still brings health benefits! Today we show you 6.

Let’s start with a little history. Made from the infusion of the camellia sinesis plant, the tea green It has been used for hundreds of years in China and Japan. More recently, it began to be brought to the western world and to gain market space there.

There is even a green tea plantation in Portugal, specifically in São Miguel, Azores, from where tea is exported all over the world.

And the reasons to consume green tea are more than many. Let’s mention 6 that are really good reasons to start boiling water now…

6 benefits of green tea


Strengthens the immune system

rich in folic acidmanganese, potassium and vitamins, green tea improves the functioning of our immune system, protecting it against possible infections, viruses or bacteria.

Studies have been carried out that prove that certain substances present in green tea can block the enzyme responsible for the destruction of cartilage that leads to arthritis.


Lowers “bad” cholesterol

We all want to get rid of the famous “LDL”. Green tea can help! A study was carried out that showed that those who consumed green tea were more likely to lower cholesterol levels than those who did not consume it.

Of course, this tea alone will not work miracles; but when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, it can be a good help!


Heart disease ruled out

By consuming this tea you are reducing the chances of clots forming in the arteries of our body. This happens due to the strong presence of flavonoids in this tea.

For the effect to be visible, you must drink at least three cups a day.


Prevents some types of cancer

Yes, drinking this tea regularly can even help prevent some types of cancer, namely breast, prostate, stomach, colon, lung, bladder and ovarian. The reason? Green tea is a powerful source of antioxidants, which fight the damage our cells suffer from the effects of excess free radicals.

In addition, as we have seen above, this tea strengthens immunity and, therefore, can prevent the formation of cancer cells.

Due to its diuretic effect, this tea promotes the elimination of liquid retention in our body – that is, it fights swelling and thus helps in the weight loss process.

To add more advantages in this sense, it has bioactive compounds that accelerate our metabolism – that is, we spend more energy with our activities and, thus, burn more calories and fat.

How to prepare your green tea

Green tea has some specificities with regard to its preparation. In addition to not be recommended to let the water boil completely (because it makes the tea taste very bitter), the infusion time should not be longer than three minutes??

There is a plant version, to prepare at home, or in sachets, ready to consume. However, evidence points to the sachet version being less effective in achieving the intended results than the real plant.

care to be taken

People sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women, people with hypertension, glaucoma and psychiatric illnesses should avoid consuming this type of tea, as it can interfere with the medication taken for each of the indicated cases.

Where to buy

Green tea in sachets can be bought in any store and supermarket and a pack of ten sachets costs just over one euro.

The plant for preparation can be purchased at herbalists, health food stores and selected supermarkets. A 100g pack is around three euros.

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