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6 false myths about diet that prevent you from losing weight

The false myths that exist about the diet and about how to lose weight are numerous; In the end, all you get is wasting your time and not your weight. Here we present 6 false myths that you should abandon to start losing weight effectively and without suffering.

1) Burn fat with sports

It is the classic phrase for which you never start the diet and you do not even manage to lose weight. Normally, those who do a lot of sports, in addition to subjecting their own body to stress that can have serious consequences, eat too much or eat junk food when they finish their exercise, thinking that they have burned a lot of calories. Sport and movement are important, but to lose weight and fat mass it is necessary to follow a balanced diet. The formula to lose weight is 80-90% diet and 20-10% sport.

2) Drinking a lot of water makes you lose weight

drinking water
Hydrating the body is very important. The amount of water you should consume each day depends on different factors: how you are, what you do, where you live (if it is very hot you need more hydration). In general, it is advisable to drink 1 and a half liters of water every day, but, in particular cases, we may need up to 3 liters. Drinking water favors lymphatic drainage and helps eliminate toxins present in the body… But it doesn’t burn fat!

3) Eating without fat makes you lose weight

eat fat free
Lipids are essential for the health of our body, especially the so-called essential fatty acids, since, as the word itself says, they are essential! Our body is not capable of synthesizing them by itself; hence we obtain it daily from food. Avoiding any type of fat can put your health at risk. It is best to avoid bad fats (fried foods, red meat, etc.) and choose healthy fats such as fish, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, and consume them in adequate amounts.

4) Fasting works

If you think you can lose weight by skipping meals, you are making a serious mistake. If you suddenly take away food from your body, it will react by wasting your muscles in order to produce fat.

5) Skipping snacks helps you lose weight

skip snack
Nutritionists, including those at Manzanaroja, your free diet, advise at least 5 meals a day to better distribute calories throughout the day. The key is to “listen” to your body and eat when you are hungry. Beware of nervous hunger! Behind the food there are other psychological problems that encourage you to eat when you don’t need it.

6) If you skip the diet you will never lose weight

This way of thinking is very common among people who follow a diet. “My goodness, I’ve had a piece of cake! I have ruined all my efforts and my sacrifices…». If you force yourself to follow too strict a regimen, then sooner or later you will get tired and give up the diet, returning to your bad eating habits. Instead, skipping your diet once in a while (of course, not every day!) can be healthy, a way of saying to yourself: “you deserve it!” And this will help you continue until you reach your ideal weight. Also read How to recover if you have skipped the diet.

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